How did Hitlers choice to call off the bombing of Britain lead to the Allied success in the war?

What Hitler called off (in September 1940) was the planned German invasion of Britain. He did this because the Luftwaffe (German Air Force) had been unable to achieve supremacy in the skies above southern England. Heavy bombing of civilian targets in Britain was a feature of the period September 1940-January 1941. There were further heavy raids in May 1941 - after which much of the Luftwaffe was moved eastwards for use against the Soviet Union. Later in WW2 there were further raids on Britain and in 1944 the V1s and V2s. The fact that Britain continued to fight in 1940-41 meant that the war against Germany continued. IF Britain had fallen it's very hard to see how there could have been a D-Day or any Allied victory in Western Europe. Joncey