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What Hitler called off (in September 1940) was the planned German invasion of Britain. He did this because the Luftwaffe (German Air Force) had been unable to achieve supremacy in the skies above southern England. Heavy bombing of civilian targets in Britain was a feature of the period September 1940-January 1941. There were further heavy raids in May 1941 - after which much of the Luftwaffe was moved eastwards for use against the Soviet Union. Later in WW2 there were further raids on Britain and in 1944 the V1s and V2s. The fact that Britain continued to fight in 1940-41 meant that the war against Germany continued. IF Britain had fallen it's very hard to see how there could have been a D-Day or any Allied victory in Western Europe. Joncey

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Who were Hitlers opposition?

The allied USA,britain,australia,china,russia(most of the time) and those types

What was the allied front called?

Hitlers holiday home

Which where the allied countries during hitlers rule?

The USA, Britain and her colonies and the USSR. The French also had a resistance force, as did most Eastern European countries that the Nazis took over.

Allied bombing of nagasaki?

The allies did not participate in the bombing of Nagasaki. President Truman took all the responsible.

Who were the troops that invaded hitlers bunker making him kill himself?

The allied troops

Was allied bombing effective in World War 2?


Did the allied forces end the war by bombing hiroshima?


Which three countries led the Allied Powers in World War II?

The three MAIN countries in the Allied powers of World War II were Britain, The U.S., and France (surrendered). the States joined after the bombing on Pearl Harbor. RUSSIA cause France technical didn't fight so. US Britain and Russia

Was Great Britain an Allied or Axis power?

Great Britain was one of the main Allied powers.

What happened as a result of the bombing in World War 2?

After the bombing on Imperial Japan, The U.S. and allied forces had won WWII

The major allied powers were the united states britain and-?

The major allied powers were the United States, Britain and France.

About how many Allied casualties were there before the bombing of Pearl Harbor?


How did the Allied bombing of 1942 change the war?

made big war

Was the bombing of Germany and Japan by allied forces in 1945 justified?


What happened to hitlers as the soviet and the allied forces moved in on Berlin?

He shot himself and his body was burned.

How did the Germans retaliate against the British blockade?

After Britain blockaded Germany, the Germans responding by bombing London. Germany faced many obstacles from the allied powers during the war and ultimately succumbed to them.

How many Italian aircraft were destroyed in accidents by anti aircraft fire by barage balloons by Allied airfield bombing on the ground as well as dogfights in the battle of Britain?

Could you be a little more specific?

Where was Italy during the bombing of pearl harbor?

in italy. italy was an ally of germany, as Mussolini was allied with Hitler. Italy was not allied with the US.

How did the World War 2 not have an impact on Britain?

It did have an impact. Great Britain was one of the major countries making up the allied forces. Its shores were staging areas, its airfields launching points for mass bombing runs, and London itself was subject to Nazi bombing runs. If you're wondering why British people aren't speaking German as a result of the war, that's because they won.

The European imperialistic countries of Great Britain France and Russia were called the?

allied powersAllied powersAllied powers.

Which countries were allied by the triple entente?

Russia, Britain and France were allied by the Triple Entente.

Who controlled the allied powers in 1941?

Great Britain controlled the Allied powers in 1941

From 1942 to 1945 who were allied with the US?


The december 1944 german offensive that marked hitlers last chance to stop the allied advance?

The Battle of the Bulge .

Where did English soldiers join up for World War 1?

Great Britain joined an aliance with Japan which gave the allied powers a lot of naval force! Great Britain was also allied with France and Russia. Great Britain joined an aliance with Japan which gave the allied powers a lot of naval force! Great Britain was also allied with France and Russia.

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