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How did Irish people come to Canada?

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they came by ship, so there was a lot of diseases.

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Why did the Irish and Scottish come to Canada in the 18oo's?

the Scots helpe the war.the Irish had a famine.

Where did Irish people live before coming to Canada?

Irish people quite likely lived in Ireland before Canada. Also some came from America to Canada.

Why did Irish people come to Canada?

Answerthe reason the Irish came to Canada is because of the potatoe famine, the bad economy, and WWII. in WWII, they were about to get their houses blown to bits. they felt that Canada was safer than Ireland. That's the answer. not to drink, whoever put that there. this is by Jakejoe.

How did the Irish come to Canada?

Irish immigrants sailed to Canada as early as the 17th century. The Irish chose to leave Ireland due to the Great Famine that lasted from 1845 to 1852.

Where do most Irish people settle in Canada?

Most of the Irish settled in Ontario but the rest remaining were found throughout Canada.

What year did Irish people come to the US?

Irish people came from Ireland.

When did Irish Canadians come to Canada?

much more friendly and open

Where did irish people come from?


Who are the people who come from or live in Ireland?

They are Irish people.

How did people treat Irish settlers when they came to Canada?

They were mean :(

What did Irish people do to overcome the Irish potato famine?

the Irish people tried to come over the potato famine by moving to different countries

Where did the Irish immigrants come from?

Irish immigrants have come from all parts of Ireland. For hundreds of years Irish people have left Ireland and gone to other countries around the world. There are now millions of people all around the world that are Irish or have Irish ancestry.

Where have immigrants to Canada come from?

Immigrants can come from ANYWHERE ! It's asking where have people in Canada come from.

is Irish taught in school in Canada?

If when you say Irish, you mean Gaelic, then no.

How did the potato famine impact Irish immigration to Canada?

the patatas hopped on a plane, and moved to Canada before the Irish people and caused the famine.and every one died :(

Why is St.Patricks day celebrated in canada?

Saint Patrick's Day, March 17, is celebrated all over the world by people of Irish descent and people who wish they were of Irish descent. It is a celebration of the deep roots of the Irish people and their pride in a rich spiritual, cultural and social heritage. Many Irish people emigrated to the Atlantic Provinces during the Irish potato famine in the 19th century, and from there spread out across Canada.

When did the Irish arrive to Canada?

The Irish have been coming to Canada since 1700.

What country do most Irish people come from?


Why was the main reason Irish left their country?

Irish people left because there were a disease that spread and caused many crops to wither. most of all the potatoes rotted and many people starved to death. that's why they left... but when they were on boats to come to Canada, many people died there too because of oil spills. a surprising thing is, some people died when they just arrived to Canada.

Why Punjab people people come to the Canada?

I'll tell you why Punjabi people came to Canada it's free country and they are aloud to come

Which did people come to Canada in the 1890s?

fist people of Canada came from north America

Where do homeless people come from?

Canada . . .

Why in the 1840 did Irish people come to England?

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Did the Irish people come from Scotland?

No. It was the other way round with Irish explorers settling in Scotland which is named after an Irish tribe called the Scotti.

Where did people migrate during the Irish diaspora?

Canada, United States, England, and Australia.