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They're allies went to war, and drug them in to WW1. :)

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What two countries did Italy join in World War 1?

It sided with Germany and Austria-Hungary

Who did Italy fight with in World War I?

Italy was part of the Allied Forces in World War 1.

Who did Romania join forces with during world war 1?

Romania was an ally of France, Italy, United Kingdom, Russia etc.

Which side did Italy fight on in World War 1?

Before the war began Italy was believed to be siding with Germany and Austria-Hungry. However, they did not join the war until April 26, 1915 when they sided with Britain, France and Russia.

What part did Italy play in World War I and World War 2?

Italy was part of the axis forces in World War 2. In World War 1 Italy and it's colonies were part of the Allies forces.

Would Italy join another war after world war 1?

Italy, under the dictator, Benito Mussolini, fought alongside Adolf Hitler's Nazis Germany, in World War II. Oct. 13, 1943, one month after Italy surrendered, it declared war on Nazi Germany, its onetime Axis powers partner.

What did Italy look like after World War 1?

what did Italy like what did Italy like

What was Italy's role in World War 1?

In World War 1, Italy was a wild card and presented herself as a participant who could join either side depending on the prospects. She was swayed to the Allies' side by promise of new territories.

Who did Britain have a war with in World War 1?

Great Britain fought against Austria-Hungary and Germany. Italy was going to join the Triple Alliance before the war but decided to stay neutral.

When did Russia join World War I?

Russia joined world war 1 in 1914

When did Lloyd Maywood Staley join World War I?

Lloyd may wood staley join world war 1 in 1914

When did Italy get involved in World War 1?

Italy became involved in World War One on the 26th of April in 1915because it wanted to not get involved in the first world war. Italy wanted to be neutral.

When the US join World War 1?

They joined the war in 1917.

Did England join Allies during World War I?

England was in World War 1 long before America decided to join the Allies. France, The United Kingdom and Russia were the Entente Powers (the Allies) at the beginnng of the war in 1914. Italy joined them in April 1915 and America joined them in 1917.

Who was Italy with in world war?

World War 1: At first, Italy was in alliance with Germany and Austria- Hungary, but then later on, when war has developed it became neutral. World War 2: Italy was with Germany, both of these countries were nazi countries.

What threat encouraged the us to join the allies in World War I?

what threat encouraged the United States to join the allies in world war 1

How old most you be to join World War 1?

you cant world war one is over

What side did turkey join in World War I?

Turkey joined Germany in World War 1

What was the reason Italy joined world war 1?

They joined in 1915 because there was much pression to join, and people thought we could gain more land.

When did Newfoundland join World War 1?

well, they joined when britain was at war

What war did the US and Italy fight in?

World War 1, World War 2 and I think the Korean War too.

What side did Italy support in world war 1?

Italy was part of the alliance! Ulike the French, Italy actually had a helping hand in the war.

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