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Q: How did Japan's government respond after the earthquake?
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Related questions

How did Haiti's government respond to the earthquake?


How long did it take for government to respond after an earthquake?

it depends on how big the earthquake is cause remember earthquakes happen suddenly unlike a hurricane so they might respond after the news of an earthquake has been released

What happens on the day of japans earthquake day?

the japanesse remember the kobe earthquake and prepare for others.

How long did japans earthquake last?

The earthquake began at 5:46 and it lasted for 20 seconds.

What caused japans earthquake?

Probably the movements of the plates. When two plates collided, the effect was an earthquake.

How long did it take for the government to respond to earthquake 1960 valdivia?

around 10 years

How did people and the authorities respond to the Kobe earthquake?

The authorities were slow to respond with emergency and rescue help after the Kobe earthquake. Government leaders had to request help from the SDF and they were slow to contact them. The Japanese gangsters, the yakuza, were helping people the day after the earthquake by handing out food.

How many deaths were there on japans earthquake in 2011?

There were over 16,000 deaths in Japan's major 2011 earthquake.

Where has been the strongest earthquake in the modern days?

the japans tsunami

What is the name of the most recent major earthquake in the world?

japans earthquake. it led to the tsunami. so it is the most severe,and most major earthquake.

Did china feel Japan's earthquake?

Yes, china received a 5.8 magnitude earthquake as a result of the Japans earthquake on March 11, 2011.

Japans government is an example of which form of government?


How is Japans government organized?

Japans government is run by the power of Monarchy, where the emperor is very limited but the prime minister rules over the people

Did tsunami from japans earthquake affect south Korea?

No. Korea is located on the West side of Japan, and the earthquake happened on the East side.

What is Japans government system?

it is weird

Which tectonic plates collided when Japans 2011 earthquake hit?

The Eurasian Plate and the Pacific Plate.

What is japans government type?

Constitutional Monarchy

Japans government is an example of a?

Constitutional Monarchy.

Who was japans first government?

prince shotoku

How did Japans resent tsunami happen?

The earthquake was in the ocean which shook the water on top and crashed onto Japan. For more info go to earthquake.

Was haiti or japans earthquake worse?

Hati. The poor infrastructure of the buildings made whole cities collapse

Who was Leader of japans military government?

Hideki Tojo.

Japans government in the 1990s can be best described as?


How did secretary of state Henry stimson respond to japan invasion of manchuria in 1931?

he refused to recongnize japans territorial gains.

What ideas shaped japans religion and government?

The ideas that shaped the religion and government is Chinese ideas