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The Japanese were sent to internment camps.

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Q: How did Japanese home life change because of World War 2?
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Did women have an important role in Japanese home front in World War 2 like Rosie?

/no because women were stupid in the past fee Hudson

What person in the world has the most home runs?

Sadaharu Oh of the Japanese Leagues with 868.

How did World War 2 affect Japanese home front?

They lost all their rice

What happened to the Japanese Ambassador to the US during World War 2?

sent home

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The United States wanted to avoid an invasion of the Japanese Home Islands because the casualties on both sides would have been tremendous. The United States leaders thought that it would take something dramatic to change the thinking of the Japanese leaders or the Japanese Emperor. Up until this time, the Japanese were fighting to the death as they were being defeated in the Pacific.

What Japanese baseball hero holds the world record for most home runs in a career?

Sadaharu Oh

How did the war ignite prejudice against some groups at home?

WWII ignited prejudice against Japanese and American-Japanese at home (in America). Because it was harder to rally white Americans against an enemy that they looked so similar to (Germans), American propaganda targeted the Japanese.

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How did the Japanese people live during World War 2?

during the ww2 Japanese people didnt live very good...police went in there home to get gold,siver,and metal to make bullets....they wud also go rob you stuff if you were not home.....a lot of Japanese people were killed...the Japanese sufffered alot during the war.

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Sadaharu Oh of the Japanese Leagues with 868. Barry Bonds is second with 762.

What happened to the Japanese-Americans after they were let out of the camps in California during World War 2?

They were let out and they could return to their home though most stayed where they were because it was nicer and they got treated better

What was life like for Mexican Americans on the home front after world war 2?

it was hell we had to dodge the bullets from the Japanese and from racist Americans because they didnt like us or the African Americans ,there was a lot of prejudice

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Sadaharu Oh of the Japanese Leagues with 868. Barry Bonds is second with 762.

What were the most flagrant examples of of intolerance experienced on the home front during World War 2?

The interment of hundreds of Japanese-Americans--

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