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How did Jefferson die?

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he was just to old and he was ready to die

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How did Peter Jefferson die?

how old was thomas jefferson when peatr jefferson died

When did Maria Jefferson die?

in 1804, maria Jefferson died.

When did Jefferson Peres die?

Jefferson Peres died in 2008.

When did Jefferson Lowndes die?

Jefferson Lowndes died in 1893.

When did Jefferson Caffery die?

Jefferson Caffery died in 1974.

When did Gail Jefferson die?

Gail Jefferson died in 2008.

When did Carter Jefferson die?

Carter Jefferson died in 1993.

When did Randolph Jefferson die?

Randolph Jefferson died in 1815.

When did Mose Jefferson die?

Mose Jefferson died in 2011.

When did Carl Jefferson die?

Carl Jefferson died in 1995.

When did Geoffrey Jefferson die?

Geoffrey Jefferson died in 1961.

When did Joseph Jefferson die?

Joseph Jefferson died in 1905.

How did Thomas Jefferson third child die?

His third child die after the car accident in Jefferson County

When did Martha Jefferson die?

Martha Jefferson died on September 6th 1786.

What time did Thomas Jefferson die?

Thomas Jefferson died 12:50am

When did Thomas Jefferson Randolph die?

Thomas Jefferson Randolph died in 1875.

When did Jesse Jefferson die?

Jesse Jefferson died on 2011-09-08.

When did Thomas Jefferson Campbell die?

Thomas Jefferson Campbell died in 1850.

When did Thomas Jefferson Majors die?

Thomas Jefferson Majors died in 1932.

When did Thomas Jefferson Mayfield die?

Thomas Jefferson Mayfield died in 1928.

When did Benjamin Lafayette Jefferson die?

Benjamin Lafayette Jefferson died in 1950.

When did Jefferson Hunt die?

Jefferson Hunt died on 1879-05-11.

When did Thomas Jefferson Green die?

Thomas Jefferson Green died in 1863.

When did Hilton Jefferson die?

Hilton Jefferson died on 1968-11-14.

When did Thokmas Jefferson die?

Thomas Jefferson died July 4th, 1826