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How did Jesus live?

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April 18, 2010 2:21PM

JESUS CHRIST lived in a very modest way all His life,

He was born in a small dirty room with animals,He was having a very modest life far away from all the luxuries with very modest clothes...

When He started to preach, His life was really very modest with no place even to sleep in....the reason for this modesty is that JESUS wanted to focus on Preaching the Word of God rather than focusing on all the luxuries of the life...and this is JESUS' message to everyone of us:He is telling us to live our own life freely without caring a lot about the food,the clothes,the entertainment,...etc but to ask first for the Kingdom of GOD and then eveything related to our needs will be added to us by GOD as He created us and He knows all our needs even before asking Him...