How did Jews and other people die in the Holocaust?

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  • By mobile killing units (SD-Einsatzgruppen) in mass open-air shootings.
  • By being worked to death as slave labourers on insufficient rations.
  • By being forced into hopelessly overcrowded ghettos and refused medication
  • Killer diseases were rampant in many camps at various stages.
  • By gassing in specially designed vans and especially in gas chambers in extermination camps.


Originally, there was no co-ordinated plan for the killing of the Jews during the Holocaust. When the Nazis invaded Poland, they herded the Jews into ghettos within the major Polish cities like Warsaw and Lodz. The conditions in the ghettos were atrocious. Many of the ghetto inhabitants died of disease, exposure, and starvation. The ghettos were used in Poland for most of the war.

When the Nazis invaded the Soviet Union in June 1941, special SS killing squads came in behind the German Army. These killing squads were known as Einsatzgruppen or special groups. According to written records, Reinhard Heydrich head of the Reich Security Main Office, dispatched these groups in order to deal with partisan forces. Heydrich issued a directive to the special groups stating that the following individuals are to be executed immediately: "all high ranking members of the Communist party, all 'people's commissars', all Jews in service to the party..." But the directive contained another order, "any open hostilities against Jews by the local population are not to be prevented, as a matter of fact, they are to be secretly encouraged." Under the blanket of this directive, the special killing squads stood by while the local population of the occupied territories killed the Jews in public. However, not long after this directive was ordered, the special killing squads began executing members of the local Jewish population. They would order the Jews into the middle of town at a specific time. The Nazis would then order the Jews to march out of town. The Jews were being told that they were going to work. Once the Jews would lead to a certain predesignated location, they were told to dig holes (unless the holes were already dug), then they were made to strip off all of their clothing and to get into the holes. They were then shot in a mass grave. This occurred in many situations throughout the occupied Soviet Territories. Eventually though, the Nazis began experimenting with ways to murder the Jews on a more "efficient" scale.
The Nazis experimented with placing the Jews into a pit and throwing a grenade in. This of course proved to be an extremely disturbing and dangerous operation (dangerous to exposing the secret killings not dangerous to the killers). The Nazis also experimented in the Eastern Territories with chemicals. The Jews would be placed into a pit and then dissolving chemicals would be poured in so that the Jews would be dissolved alive. This also was deemed to be to inhumane (again inhumane for the killers who at this point in time were beginning to lose whatever sanity they had left) so the Nazis moved on to the use of gas.
Originally, the Nazis would use Gas vans. Individuals would be herded into the back of these vans with a hose leading from the exhaust into the back compartment so that those inside would die from exposure to the fumes. After some time, this proved to be inefficient as it did not kill enough human beings at one time.
Around the earlier parts of 1942, the Nazis began the systematic deportations of the Jews from all over Europe to what were known as death camps. There were 6 death camps that existed in Poland although there were others throughout Europe. The 6 camps in Poland are deemed to be the primary locations for the deportations. The camps included, Majdenek, Chelmno, Sobibor, Treblinka, Belzec, and Auschwitz-Birkenau. Most of these camps would use gas chambers that were connected to trucks in order to kill using carbon monoxide poisoning. The Jews were taken off of the trains and herded into the chambers. They were told that they would be taking a shower and that it would be necessary for them to undress. When they went into the chambers the engines were turned on releasing the gas into the chamber. The cause of death was naturally suffocation.
The largest of the death camp complexes was Auschwitz-Birkenau. It was located in Western Poland. The Nazis used a different type of gas to kill the Jews at Aushwitz. There were problems in using carbon monoxide gas to kill the Jews because there were some occasions in which the engines would not work. The solution, Prussic Acid or what is known as Zyklon B. Zyklon B is a crystallized substance that is used to kill rats and other like pests. When the substance is in a canister, it remains in a solid crystallized form. Exposure to the air causes the crystals to chemically change into the gas. This proved to be the main method of killing at Auschwitz.
Jews were taken off of the trains (if they survived the journey) and selected by an SS doctor. If they were over a certain age and looked healthy enough to work they were sent to the main camp. At the main camp they were usually worked to death within a matter of months. The daily rations given to those individuals was no more than 300 calories per day (a normal American consumes around 1,500 to 2,000 a day). If they did not starve to death they fell prey to the various diseases that were rampant in every concentration camp throughout Nazi occupied territory.
Those Jews who were not selected to go to the camps were sent to the gas chambers. Originally, Auschwitz used several small enclosed cabins to operate as the gas chambers. An individual would lock the victims in the house, throw a canister of gas through an open window, and wait until all inside were dead. As the need to murder more Jews became more important several large gas chambers were built. The chambers were large enough to hold 1,200 individuals. The Jews were told to strip off their clothing because they were to take a shower. They were then sent inside the chamber which had fake faucets in the ceiling to keep suspicions at a minimum. The door was sealed and the gas was dropped into the chamber through vents in the ceilings. It took anywhere from 15-30 minutes for the gas to kill everyone in the chambers. Once all inside were dead the ventilators were turned on to remove the gas from the room. The bodies were placed on an elevator that took them up to the furnances above. The bodies were then incinerated and the ashes were dumped in the nearby river.
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Why does the term Holocaust only refer to Jews and not other people in concentration camps?

Background The Nazis themselves called their attempt to exterminate all the Jews in Europe the Final Solution of the Jewish Question ( die Endloesung der Judenfrage ). At first, the term Final Solution was widely used, but was felt to be unsatisfactory. In the 1950s the term the Holocaust (a ( Full Answer )

How many people were killed during the Holocaust not just Jews?

Roughly 11 million people were killed in the Holocaust. Six million Jews and five million non-Jews (Slavs, Gypsies, Homosexuals, Political Enemies, Jehova's Witnessesn, sympathetic citizens, etc). This figure includes the camps as well as the mass graves in the country sides, killings on the street, ( Full Answer )

Why was the Holocaust against Jews and not another type of people?

Answer . To the contrary, it wasn't only Jews who were persecuted, though they did constitute the majority. Gyspsies, gays, other minorities and political disidents were all targeted, imprisoned and executed during the years of the Holocaust.. Answer . They were targeted because Hitlor nee ( Full Answer )

How did Jews die in the Holocaust?

Most Jews, like everyone else in concetration camps (miscreants, the "undesired", gypsies, etc.) died primarily by malnutrition and/or disease. It's highly contested (and a topic of great contention) as to whether or not "gas chambers" were for anything more than delousing with the chemical calle ( Full Answer )

Who were the other victims of the Holocaust besides the Jews?

Of the roughly 11 million killed during the Nazi holocaust, nearlyhalf were non-Jews. These included groups considered raciallyundesirable such as Gypsies, Ukrainians, Belorussians, Poles, etc.,and also included Jehovah's Witnesses, homosexuals, clergy,communists, socialists, and other political ene ( Full Answer )

How did people die in the Holocaust?

The victims were murdered; they were: . Gassed . Worked to death on grossly inadequate food . Shot Many also died of disease. Many ways. Some starved, some were just worked to death, some were shot & some were gassed.

How did the people survive in the Holocaust and how did they die?

Some (very few) were lucky enough to have German families hide them (such as Anne Frank's family) and others were blessed by surviving out of strength and character, while others were simply too weak to go on. Over 6 million Jews (including women and children as well as the elderly and also Gypsies, ( Full Answer )

Why were Jews killed instead of others in the Holocaust?

Answer . It wasn't only the Jews. It was anyone who didn't fit into Hitler's idea of a ideal person. Others killed were the Gypsys, handicapped, and political prisoners.. About 5 million non-Jews were killed in the Holocaust.

Why did so many Jews die in the Holocaust?

cause they strongly believed in god --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- that is one of the big issues, as it was not those who believed themselves to be Jewish, it was who the Nazis decided were Jewish. Some of the victims believed strongly ( Full Answer )

What did people die of during the Holocaust?

The majority of Holocaust victims were murdered - by gassing and by deliberate malnutrition. (They were forced to do hard labour on very little food). In some parts of Eastern Europe, the Nazis also conducted mass shootings. They were also killed by disease. There were some that went into hiding suc ( Full Answer )

What percentage of People killed in the Holocaust were actually Jews?

about 5.1 million gypsies, non Jews and prisoners of war, especially Russians. --- If one takes takes 11 million as the figure for the total number killed in the wider holocaust - that is including the groups listed above, and about 6 million Jews, then 6/11 would give a percentage of 54.5% Jews.

Did any people help the Jews during the Holocaust?

Yes, of course!! Many people helped out the Jews by providing food and shelter. Raoul Wallenberg was a famous Jew rescuer that housed Jews in Swedish buildings. Another rescuer includes Paul Gruninger who backdated Jewish passports to allow Jewish refugees to enter Switzerland

Other than Jews who were targeted during the Holocaust?

There were many other groups of people targeted during the holocaust that did not include Jews, these groups were: Gypsies, Slavs, Homosexuals, Mentally handicapped, and Africans.and the jamies and areeeebs and the Stevens

Why did innocent Jews die during the Holocaust?

Jews were considered a race, not a religion. They were deemed sub human along with homosexuals, Communists, Gypsies, Jehovah's Witnesses, the handicapped and the mentally ill. However, in Nazi propaganda Jews were portrayed as diaboically cunning and dangerous Communists. The Nuremeberg Laws of 1935 ( Full Answer )

Where did the Jews die in the Holocaust?

They died in: . Mass shootings, especially in the Soviet Union . Deliberately overcrowded ghettos . Extermination camps . Concentration camps

Did people still hate the Jews after the Holocaust?

Hate exist and an obsession with eliminating Jews has been a deep obsession with people those either of an orient that was taught to hate them(read there history it is unlike anyother) or because of just the hateful nature of some people. In the USA and Europe the views and hate for the Jews are ( Full Answer )

How did Jews and other people feel during the Holocaust?

Sad :-(. As a lesbian of Jewish decent, I have lived many of the emotions that come out of a situation as in the holocaust. I was also taught to remember the holocaust. Emotions are not only sadness, but anger, rage and extremely frightened. Wondering why you were singled out and feeling completely ( Full Answer )

What did Jews die of in Holocaust?

The Jewish victims were gassed or shot; others were worked to death on grossly insufficient food, and others died of typhus and other diseases that swept through the camps.

Why didn't other countries help the Jews in the Holocaust?

1. The extermination camps were all in Poland, which is difficult to reach from Western Europe.. 2. Until about May or June 1944 the exact location of the camps was not known to the Allies.. 3. The Allies didn't give any priority to saving the victims. In other words, I don't think they cared.

How did people hide Jews in the Holocaust?

One method was to hide them in basements or 'hidden rooms' in their own homes. or even they would make special quilts to show that this was a place where you could hide from the Nazis :)

Did the Holocaust make the surviving Jews better people?

No. This is the first time I have heard this suggestion, and I believe it would puzzle Holocaust survivors. I agree with the above answer, the holocaust was not a child getting spanked. It was massive murder of millions of men, women & children. If your entire family & all you friends had been murd ( Full Answer )

Who did Hitler want to kill in the Holocaust other than the Jews?

Hitler wanted to kill basically anyone that didn't fit his model of perfection (he wanted to create a "master race", like handicapped people and gypsies. He also killed the people who opposed his plan and helped hide jews. This act was very racist indeed and killed almost 6 million jews.

Why were the Jews and other people persecuted?

Hitler made it sound as if all Jewish people were the causes for the worlds problems and they were to blam for everything. Blacks, gypsies and others were killed simply because they were different and Hitler didn't like it.

What differnent things did the Jews in the Holocaust die from?

- Disease. Typhus was rampant in concentration/death camps because the Jews were forced to live so close together. - Gassing. Many Jews who were placed in gas chambers actually believed they were getting a shower. Cruelly, the Germans would supply them no water. Once they were inside, they p ( Full Answer )

How has the Holocaust changed what people think of Jews?

There has been a lot of changes of what people think of the Jews after the Holocaust. Many people dislike Jews because they believe these "stories" of what they did to Christians. Also since the Holocaust was in various parts of Europe, many did not like the Jews because of the madness they brought ( Full Answer )

Were Jews the only people to killed in the holocaust?

The unfortunate issue about the Holocaust is that we call the six million Jews as Jews because that is what the Nazis called them. In actual fact many of the victims did not call themselves Jews, but they were killed as Jews for being Jewish. At the same time and in the same places many other peo ( Full Answer )

Did Jews fight other Jews in the Holocaust?

yes some Jews were working for the Nazi in the Ghettos. During the Ghetto uprisings, Jewish Ghetto police and German soldiers were the most likely to be attacked

How did people feel about Jews before the holocaust?

The Jews were outsiders you could say...I guess it's kind of like that one person who you don't like very much but you can deal with them.. they could have been very liked by the people but I highly douby

Why were the Jews not accepted in other countries after the holocaust?

It's hard for any country to accept a massive amount of immigrants...(even though the Jews were actually citizens of many of the countries that rejected them...) whether it be Jews, Irish, Rwandan refugees etc....a country must decide its policy regarding immigrants... During the Holocaust all ( Full Answer )

Who other than the Jews did the Nazis target during the Holocaust?

That is a matter of semantics, historians say no one, that the gypsies suffered their own genocide. But for us who know less, we like to call all of the victims of the Nazis as victims of the Holocaust. _____ The trouble is that there are at least two competing definitions of the Holocaust ( Full Answer )

What other types of people were killed in the Holocaust besides the Jews?

Beside Jews, the Nazis murdered: . -Roma/Sinti (Gypsies, Romanies) . -Freemasons . -Opponents of the Nazis, including communists, socialists, labor leaders and people who opposed the Nazis on religious grounds . -Soviet political advisers ('Politruks') . -Soviet prisoners of war (with 3.3 mil ( Full Answer )

How many people other than Jews were mudered during the holocaust?

Zero, the Holocaust refers to the Nazi actions against the Jews. There were many other people murdered during thid period, including the attempted genocide of many types of Gypsy, which suffered proportionately greater losses than the Jews, but this and other actions are separate from the Holocau ( Full Answer )

How many people were killed in the holocaust other than Jews?

People that were killed during the Holocaust in addition to the millions of Jews were the Freemasons, Jehovah's Witnesses, homosexuals, and people with disabilities. Also killed were Gypsies, Poles, Soviet POWs, and slaves in Eastern Europe.

What oher types other people were killed during the holocaust besides Jews?

There were two other groups of people who were marked forextermination. They are often talked about as being part of theHolocaust, but really they were their own tragedies. Before the Holocaust there was a programme to eliminate the'useless eaters' those who could not take care of themselves andwere ( Full Answer )