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of course its Jim Carrey lol

He is a gifted actor and comedian

He Was a Comedian Before He Became An Actor.....

Jim Carrey is an American actor and comedian, known for his roles in Dumb and Dumber and Bruce Almighty. He is not autistic.

beacause he felt like it

Thankfully, no- he is still alive.

Mark Gruner is the actor who played "michael" not Jim Carrey...all you have to do is look at the credits at the end of the movie.

It can be fun to learn how similar people are to their favorite celebrities. Jim Carrey was known to have a Great Dane.

Jim Carrey was the first actor attached to it.

some time in the history of life

Jim Carrey is an award winning comedian and actor. A person could meet him a film premier or if they live in his town maybe in a restaurant.

Jim Carrey, the Canadian actor and comedian, is 6 feet 2 inches tall. Carrey was born in Newmarket, Canada, and has one child.

no, the canadian-born actor/comedian is very much alive. If Jim Carrey were dead, you would have heard the news, as it would have been broadcast worldwide.

is jim carrey in footloose

jim carrey was homeless when he was young.

There is nothing to indicate that US actor Jim Carrey has webbed toes. He has recently worn a giant pair of prosthetic feet to several events, which might have sparked rumors.

yes Jim carrey was a student in collage

Jim Carrey has a great dane

Yes. Jane Carrey, daughter of the Actor Jim Carrey, did audition for American Idol. Her audition impressed the judges and they passed her on to the next stage of the competition.

Jim Carrey does have a brother. His name is John Carrey. Jim Carry also has two sisters named Rita Carrey, and Patricia Carrey Fornier.

Jim Carrey was born in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada.

No, as of March 2011, Jim Carrey is still alive.

Jim Carrey was born on January 17, 1962.

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