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How did Kenya attempt to gain independence from colonial rule?


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Hey, I am a Kenyan, and I am happy that someone is interested in finding out how my country attained independence from colonial rule.

Well, as simple as anyone may expect the answer to be, it is not.The answer lies in a few tit-bits of colonial history.In 1895, the British took over Kenya, after the Berlin conference, in what is refered to as "the scramble for Africa".They named the territory British East Africa. The local inhabitants of the country started becoming disgrantled by the British Occupation, once it became apparent that the British were only interested in Kenya's fertile soil and diverse wildlife.

The first real attempt to gain independence by Kenyans was led by a group of tribal leaders, and students who had studied abroad.When this intellectual and diplomatic cry fell on deaf ears, the MAU MAU movement was born.This was basically an organization that decried colonization and the numerous human rights abuses by the British empire.It was based on force, and after fierce fighting with the British, Kenya became independent on December 12th, 1963.

I hope I have "attempted" to answer your question!!! LOL.