How did King Clovis become a Catholic?

Clovis became king of the Franks at the tender age of 15, a precious but rather ruthless young man. Three important influences on his life (who all became saints) including St. Remigius (Clotilda's spiritual advisor), bishop of Rheims, St. Genevieve, the saint of Paris, and, finally, St. Clotilda, the princess of Burgundy. King Clovis married Clotilda, and during a particularly difficult battle, he prayed to "Clotilda's God" for victory. After winning the battle, as good as his word, he was baptized by St. Remigius along with, surprisingly, three thousand Franks who agreed to follow their King into this new religion. During the baptismal ceremony, a "striking incident occurred that was to have consequences for fifteen hundred years." In those days (Christmas 496 A.D.) confirmation was still administered immediately after baptism, and when it came time for the confirmation, the cleric carrying the Sacred Chrism could not get through the crowd. St. Remigius looked up to heaven to see a dove descending, a phial of oil in its beak. "With this oil he anointed the king, and it was afterward used in the coronation ceremonies of the kings of France. . . . Smashed during the French Revolution, the remains were recovered and a few precious drops last used for the coronation of Charles X in 1824" one thousand, three hundred, twenty-eight years later. (Diane Moczar, Ten Date Every Catholic Should Know, "The Baptism of Clovis Gives Birth to France".)