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How did Leo the lion constellation get in the sky?


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Leo the lion was put in the sky because when he was defeated but Hercules Hera was so mad she put him in the sky

The way that u can tell that a Leo sign is up in the sky is the sign Leo. One of the Leos best match is the Libra

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Leo is the 12th largest constellation in the night sky.

Leo is one of the zodiac constellation in the second quadrant of the northern sky. The constellation is a symbol of the mythical lion named Nemian.

Yes, it is a constellation in the night sky.

One of them is the star Regulus in the constellation Lion (Leo).

The Leo star sign is named from the Leo Constellation. Its name is Latin for lion. It is recognizable in the night sky because of its bright stars and crouching lion shape.

Leo the Lion, is visible along the ecliptic, between Cancer the Crab and Virgo the Maiden.

The origin of Leo the Lion is by the Greeks in 40BC. The word Leo is latin for lion.

No, but there is a constellation that look similar which is the Leo constellation(a lion).

Leo is the Zodiac sign meaning a Lion. Scientifically it is the constellation of Leo the lion.

Cancer is between Gemini, the Twins and Leo, the Lion (following the ecliptic).

Leo is the constellation that mostly resembles a sitting lion.

Leo the Lion is visible in the fall, winter and spring night sky. It's behind the sun in August (or late summer)

One of the stars in the sky that makes up the constellation Leo is named Regulus. The name of one other star that is in this constellation is 83 Leo A.

The constellation Leo can be recognized by looking like a lion. It is one of the constellations of the zodiac. The name is Latin for lion. It was described by Ptolemy.

Leo is a constellation, that is to say, a direction in the sky. Just as in any other constellation, there are lots of galaxies in this constellation.

A story behind the constellation Leo is that it represents the Nemean Lion, which was known to have impenetrable skin. Hercules killed it and it was placed the heavens as one of his conquests.

16 stars make up the constellation Leo the lion.

Leo is not a star. Leo The Lion is a constellation - made up of many stars.

leo is just about 13 billion years old

You can locate Leo the constellation by: 1: eating 2: drinking bear 3: looking in the sky!

The Chaldeans associated Leo with the sun since it is in the sky during the summer solstice (although this is no longer true, due to the precession of the Earth's axis). Since the Nile floods around this time, the ancient Egyptians worshiped the celestial lion.You can find Leo in the sky by looking for the "sickle" starting at Regulus (Alpha Leonis), the brightest star in the constellation, and following the backwards question mark.Another opinion suggests that Leo was a great Lion in the time of Hercules. It is said that Hercules fought this great beast as a task for one of this twelve labors.The Greek and Latin word for Lion is Leo. The greeks considered the Lion toi be the king of all beasts and thus named the oldest constellation known in astronomy Leo in honor of the animal.Leo is lion in Latin.

the story behind Leo the lion is that Hercules killed the lion and using it's own claws, skinned the lion and used it's fur to make himself a jacket. his wife was so dissapointed in what Hercules did that she took the dead body of the lion and put it in the sky as a constellation.

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