How did London deal with the blitz?

Mainly by believing in Winston Churchill, the man with the Bulldog and yourself.

His leadership held us together and even us kids did our bit by looking after our parents gardens and allotments to grow food that we couldn't buy in the shops.

My Father was in France in WW1 and did his bit in WW2 by driving his bus through the bombed streets of London every day throughout the blitz and when he wasn't doing that, he was on the bus garage roof as a fire watcher and German plane spotter.

My eldest Brother was in the R.A.F throughout the war and my Younger Brother the Navy. I was too young to be called up but felt I was supporting their efforts by doing what I could and believing in my Country and we would win the war.

We were bombed out and had to leave our home on two occasions but was always sure our family would come through it all and thank God, we did.

There have been many books written about the London Blitz and I suggest you ask Google to help you find the best one BUT find an author that wrote from first hand experience and NOT one that was told about it.