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How did Louis riel help the metis?

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Because they were his people, he fought for their language and territory and freedom. His father was the former leader of the metis so louis took over.

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What rights did Louis riel fight for?

Louis Riel fought for the Metis rights

How did Louis riel fight metis?

Louis Riel didnt fight metis people, he was a metis, he was fighting FOR the metis

Who was the leader of the Metis?

It was Louis Riel.

What group of people did Louis Riel lead?

Louis Riel lead the( Metis )revolutionists

What Languages did Louis Riel speak?

Louis Riel spoke French, Cree, Metis and English

Was Louis Riel a Metis?

Yes he was. His mother was French Canadian and his father was Metis. That would make him Metis

What did louis riel do to be the metis leader?

He acted on his beliefs.

How did Louis riel defend the metis?

he made the Metis bill of rights with his provisional governmnet

Why was Louis riel a hero?

Louis Riel was a hero because he fought for his beliefs and what he thought was right. He was also a leader of the Metis and Red River territory. He had also formed a Metis government. He showed that the Metis can stand on there own

Who is the most famous metis?

That would deffinately be Louis Riel.

Why was Louis Riel chosen to be the chief of the Metis?

Louis Riel was extremely well-educated. He was fluently bilingual. His parents were well-respected. Louis Riel was charismatic, a natural leader.

What are facts about Louis Riel?

Louis Reil was famous and lead the metis and founded Manitoba

Who was the Metis leader in 1870?

Louis Riel. he's very famous.

Why was Louis Riel remembered?

because he was part metis and so he helped them

What man did the metis of manioba choose to lead them?

His name was Louis Riel.

What did Louis riel look like?

Louis Riel looked like this :

Did Louis riel have any accomplishements?

He led all the metis to protest against the government to get there own rights Louis riel is a important Canadian hero.

Why do metis people regard Louis riel as one of their greatest heroes?


Who were the Metis leaders?

Louis Riel became the Metis leader in 1869 with his speech at Saint Boniface Cathedral and the Red Riiver Rebellion.

How did Louis Riel make history during the MacDonald era?

defending the rights of the Metis

Who led the Metis in the rebellions at Red River in 1870 and in the northwest in 1885?

It was Louis Riel

Name 4 good reasons Louis Riel is a hero?

-He is the Father of Manitoba -He fought for what he believed in -He helped many Metis -He tried to help others but his help was not wanted

Who is louise riel?

Louis Riel was a leader of the Metis people who led two rebellions in western Canada, he is considered to be the founder of the Province of Manitoba.

Why did Louis Riel defend the metis?

because he just wanted to isn't it simple! he just wanted tot save the Metis because they are poor!

Why was Louis Riel a Rebel?

Louis Riel was a rebel, because he fought for the metis' rights, which meant going against The canadian governement. The government wasn't happy about this, so they called him to court. Riel was declared guilty, and was hung.

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