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He believed it should end because he wanted freedom. The blacks were being treated unfairly and did not have there own rights. They had to use separate restrooms, fountains, and schools and lots more just because of the color of their skin. Martin Luther king fought for his rights and received freedom for every black person.

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What did Martin Luther believe in?

Martin Luther mainly believed that there should be no papal authority or Catholic Mass.

Who helped end segregation between blacks and whites?

Martin Luther King helped stop segregation in America and other places. He felt very strongly about it and alot of his ideas were excepted and achieved. He thought that black people should have the same rights as white people and that they should not work as slaves. Martin Luther King died when someone shot him because they didn't believe in what he said.

How did Martin Luther ideas affect the nation and the world?

Martin Luther King was a strong African American man that believed that everybody should be equal and that segregation and discrimination is wrong and needs to stop.

Did Martin Luther King believe that women should not be equal to men?


Martin Luther King want people to believe?

Martin Luther King Jr. wants people to believe that we all are made equally that people should not be colored by the color of their skins but by their personality and characteristic.

What problem did Martin Luther King face when he was a little boy?

Martin Luther King Jr. faced segregation when growing up. Martin tried to reach his peace among African Americans and "whites". He faced no doubt about what he was doing and people should thank him for what he did..........................YEAH

How does Martin Luther King affect World History?

Martin Luther king affects world history by saying that everybody should be able to talk and be friends so now black people and white people can be friends and segregation is wrong.

Why did orthodox not believe in the pope?

They believe that they should make decisions for themselves. This happened when Martin Luther broke away from the Catholic church

What did Martin Luther King Jr believe in?

He believed that everyone should be treated the same, not by color but character.

What leason did Martin Luther King teach us?

Martin Luther king's famous line is "I have a dream." In other words, if you believe in something then you should follow it. Make your dreams come true.

What did Martin Luther King believe in?

He belived that black people should be treated as equal to white peoplehe believed in stopping segregrationMartin Luther King believed that black people should have the same rights as white people. He believed in 'people'.

What did Martin Luther King Jr. . believe in?

He believed in equal rights.that every men should be treated equally

What were all the things martin Luther king did for blacks?

he ended segregation he went to jail for us he helped us alot and we should be proud that he was borning on this earth and that he was brave to do them things because without him we would problaby still be going throw segregation

Did Martin Luther declared that Josquin was to be made a saint?

Martin Luther never declared that anyone should be made a saint. Martin Luther believed that all believers in God were saints.

What were Martin Luther King Jr.'s beliefs?

Martin Luther King, Jr. led Americans to believe that all men are equal and that no one should be treated unfairly because of their race.And that egg salad was gross.

What where Martin Luther Kings feelings about war?

martin Luther kings feeling about war is that it is not right and u should make peace or talk in words instead of doing something violent like having wars i also believe this i wrong

What caused segregation to end?

Segregation endes because mister martin Luther king jr. gave out his opinion on segregation and that it wasnt fair that they were treated like that! People realised that what they were doing to their slaves was wrong. mr martin decided he should end it. The white people didnt like it anymore!! they stated liking turtles instead. they have nice bumpy shells and brilliantly curvy bodies!

Why do some people believe you should not celebrate martin Luther king jr. day?

Because they are haters and they have stupid *** issues! :D

What were Martin Luther King's achievements?

Martin Luther King had lots of different achievements but everyone should know that he was a very good man.

Why Was Martin Luther King Assasinated?

Martin Luther King was assassinated because some people thought that whites and blacks should be separated.

What was Martin Luther King's reaction to racism?

Martin Luther King's believed that everything should be don peacefully so, his reaction was peaceful.

Do you capitalize day in Martin Luther King Jr day?

Yes, you should capitalize 'Day' in Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

Why should Martin Luther king be remember?

He wanted freedom

Why did Martin Luther kig jr fight for equality?

Martin Luther King Jr. fought for equality because he believed that everyone should be at peace

Do people still believe in segregation today?

People still do believe in segregation today some even think slavery should be brought back the idiots.

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