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Usually the story is that Medusa was an Athena priestess, who once made love to Poseidon in Athena's temple. In revenge Athena turned Medusa into something as ugly as possible.

Another Answer:

Because she was making love in a temple that belonged to Athena and in rage Athena turned Medusa's hair into snakes, or Medusa bragged about her hair and Hera, out of jealousy, turned her hair into snakes. Whatever makes sense to you.

Yet Another Answer:

Medusa once informed Athena that Snakes were more Fair(more beautiful) than Athena herself in order to spite her. In a fit of rage Athena damned Medusa to become that which she held so high.

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Did Medusa have snakes for her hair?

Yes, Medusa did have snakes for her hair!!! EEEW!!

How many snakes does Medusa have in her hair?

Medusa does not have a specific number of snakes in her hair.

What kind of snakes does Medusa have for hair?

The snakes Medusa had for hair did not have a name. They were just referred to as serpents and were poisonous.

What does Pitt's nemesis Medusa have instead of hair?

Medusa has snakes on her head in place of hair.

Does Medusa want to turn people to snake?

No; they turned to stone, not snakes. Medusa had snakes for hair.

Was Medusa's hair strictly snakes or a combination of snakes and hair?

The Greek myth of medusa stated that her hair was only made of snakes and not hair.

What creature had snakes for hair?

Medusa had snakes for hair, along with her sisters the gorgons in some legends.

Why did Medusa had snakes in her hair?

Athena put a curse on her.

What type of hair style does Persephone's have?

She had golden hair, but are you thinking of Medusa, who had snakes for hair ?

How did Medusa she get a snake head?

Medusa had hair but then Athena cursed her so now her hair is snakes and if you look in to her eyes then she will turn you into stone.

What creatures grew on Medusa's head?

Medusa had snakes for hair.

How did Medusa get punished?

Her punishment was her hair turning into snakes by Athena.

What hair color does Medusa have?

She doesn't have hair, she has snakes. In most cases the snakes are a mossy green, but in some it is bright blue.

How does Medusa cut her hair?

Medusa grows live snakes from her head, not hair. So, she doesn't cut her "hair". According to Greek Mythology, looking upon the face of Medusa turns the observer to stone.

Who had a stone gaze in greek mythology?

Medusa (the lady with the snakes for hair)

What does Medusa carry with her?

the only thing she carrys is snakes in her hair and her uglyness

Which animal is a Medusa?

Medusa is a person. She and her sisters made up the Gorgons. She was made ugly by Athena and had snakes for hair.

What does Medusa have in common with arachne?

They both have snakes for hair, BUT medusa is the only one with the curse of turning people to stone

What book is this from how did Medusa get snakes for hair?

The only book I know that has the answer is Ovid's Metamorphoses. And the answer he gives is that because Neptune/Poseidon had sex with Medusa in Minerva/Athena's temple, Medusa was punished with the snakes for hair and the curse of turning any living thing that looked at her into stone.

Does Medusa have a symbol?

A symbol is something which stand for a god or a person or similar. It is not the same thing as a well-known trait of somebody. Medusa was known to have snakes for hair. That does not make snakes symbols for Medusa. In this sense she does not have a symbol.

What were the greek goddess Medusa powers and responsibilities?

Medusa is not a goddess. She is a monster. Anyone that looked at her turned into stone, and she had snakes for hair

Was Medusa hideous?

Medusa was said to be beautiful before she was cursed by Athena. Afterward, she had snakes as hair and was portrayed as a hideous monster.

Is there such thing as Medusa?

Yes, Medusa was a gorgon that had snakes for hair. Her expression was so scary it turned whoever looked at it to stone.

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