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He was rehearsing a dance move and he fell, which resulted in him breaking his nose.

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When did Michael Jackson break his nose?


Why did Michael Jackson have surgery on his nose?

Michael Jackson originally had surgery on his nose because it broke when he fell on stage. He got surgery on his nose to fix the break of his nose, then he had trouble breathing through his nose.

Did Michael Jackson have a hole in his nise?

No Michael Jackson did not have a hole in his nose.

Did Michael Jackson died with no nose?

No, he still had a nose.

Does Michael Jackson have a fake nose?


Did Michael Jackson have a plastic nose?


When did Michael Jackson have a nose job?

Michael had his first nose job in 1979 after falling and breaking his nose when he was rehearsing.

What ever happen to Michael Jackson nose?

Michael Jackson had complications from several cosmetic surgeries.

How did Michael Jackson lose his real nose?

He never lost his nose.

How many nose surgeries did Michael Jackson have?

2 nose surgeries

Did Michael Jackson wear a prostetic nose?


Does Michael Jackson have a nose?

Yes, he had a nose.Yes Michel Jackson has a nose. his face just looks different because of plastic surgrey

How many words can you make from the name Michael Jackson?

Nobody will be able to say all of them, but here are a few. The words they make are in capitals: michael jackSON (Son) MichAel jacksoN (Man) miCHaEl jaCKson (Check) michaEl jackSON (Nose) micHaEl jACkson (Ache)

Did Michael Jackson break his ankle?


Did Michael Jackson break his back?

No :)

When did Michael Jackson lose his nose?

Never happened.

What did Michael Jackson have done?

He had 2 nose jobs.

What year did Michael Jackson get a nose job?


When did Michael Jackson get his first nose job?


Did Michael Jackson break any bones?

He broke his leg when he fell off a stage and he broke his nose when he fell during a dance rehearsal.

Can Michael Jackson take his nose off?

No Michael Jackson cannot take his nose off.He is not Mr Potatohead- where he can pop in a piece of his face or take it off as he pleasesAnd No his nose never fell off.

Did Michael Jackson have nose surgery?

He has had nose surgery on his nose many times. Actually just twice

Did Michael Jackson have a injection in his nose?

He had injections around the nose prior to cosmetic procedures, they were not in the actual nose.

Can Michael Jackson breathe through his nose?

Yes he could breathe through his nose.

Why did Michael Jackson change his nose?

he fell while on stage as a boy and broke his nose