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How did Milton Hershey get so famous making chocolate?


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Tons of people eat chocolate everyday. More and more people buy it. After a while almost everybody knew about it and loved the famous recipe!

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making hershey chocolate

Milton Hershey didn't invent chocolate. His importance was in making chocolate affordable to all.

yes Milton Hershey did win a prize for making chocolate he got best chocolate of the centry

Milton Hershey got famous by making the Hershey kiss and helping schools, hospital's, and towns.

Milton S. Hershey, after first experimenting with caramels, and purchasing a chocolate making hershey invented hershey chocolate.

1900, it says so under this question, " When did Milton Hershey start making chocolate?"

Milton Hershey started making his chocolate in 1894 ( covering his caramel in chocolate). He made his first chocolate bar in 1900. ( im doing a poster on this stuff right now!) if you want more info on him, go to google or go to the hershey website!!!

Hershey is the Pennsylvania town famous for making chocolate.

In 1894 Milton Hershey called his enterprise The Hershey Chocolate Company, making it 117 years old.

A Germen Candy company was showing how chocolate was made. Hershey was Convinced that this was the future of candy making. Hershey then worked no-stop on perfecting a formula for milk chocolate.

He loved to make chocolate because it was his talent.He started making chocolate when he got to see the arts of chocolate-making at the World's Columbian Express.

Milton Hershey did not play any sports. All he did was help his dad in factories making chocolate. That was on of his favorite things to do. And he was amazind at it.

Milton Snaveley Hershey was fascinated with an exhibition in Chicago. He spent hours studying the chocolate making machinery. Finally, he made up his mind and decided to buy the machinery and ship it to Lancaster to make his own chocolate.

Milton Hershey's first successful candy making making business was selling caramel. He started the Lancaster Caramel Company. In 1900, he decided that since his best selling items were caramels dipped in chocolate that he wanted to pursue chocolate making. He sold his caramel company and with the proceeds bought 30 acres of dairy farm land and started perfecting his own recipe for good tasting and affordable milk chocolate (at the time milk chocolate was an expensive luxury). He produced his first Hershey chocolate bar in 1900 and followed up with the production of Hershey Kisses in 1907. He broke ground on what is now the Hershey Foods Corporation on March 2, 1903.

Milton Hershey was born in September of 1857, making him 153 years old if he was alive today.

Eating and making chocolate! Yummmmmmm!!!!!!

becasue he wanted to find a way to make chocolate less exspencive so that way more people could buy chocolate and at that time period chocolate was a very good snack to smack someones taste buds

his dad was an accomplished candy maker, and Milton was apprenticed as a candy maker when he was a teenager

he worked in many different candy shops and that is where he got his skills for making his chocolate. And every time he failed he went back to learn more skils until he got the right mixture o sugar, milk, and coco.

1909 founded the Hershey Industrial School, a school for orphan boys. 1890 starts a caramel business in Lancaster, PA, business is not only good, its great 1900 sells his caramel company for $1 million, and devotes his attention to making chocolate.

He did not go to college. He was apprenticed to different businesses, and learned the candy making business.

It is not known (or recorded) how many Hershey chocolate kisses are in the world at one time. People eat them all of the time, diminishing the number by thousands, and the Hershey company produces thousands a day, making it impossible to track.

Selling and making chocolate. Milton also enjoyed cigars and children. He spent much time improving his town and his employees lives.

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