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How did Montesquieu influence both the American and French revolutions?

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Montesquieu saw despotism, in particular, as a standing danger for any government not already despotic, and argued that it could best be prevented by a system in which different bodies exercised legislative, executive, and judicial power, and in which all those bodies were bound by the rule of law. This theory of the separation of powers had an enormous impact on liberal political theory, and on the framers of the constitution of the United States of America.

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What influence did the American revolution have around the world?

bounded back across the Atlantic to influence the french revolutions

What did the ideas of John Locke and Baron de Montesquieu and Jean Jacques Rousseau have in common?

The philosophies inspired the American and French revolutions.

What was a major influence on the struggles for political independence in latin America?

American and French Revolutions

How did these ideas influence the American and French Revolutions?

1.They supported movements for social and political change.

How did the American and French revolutions influence Latin America?

Latin American revolutionary leader Simon Bolivar is a great example of how American and French Revolutions influenced the region. He was inspired by both in leading movements for independence from colonial powers.

What other revolutions did the American Revolution influence?

The American Revolution inspired many other revolutions such as the Haitian Revolution and the French Revolution. The American Revolution showed that Revolutions could be started and ended with a good outcome. So the Haitians, Latins, French, and a bunch of other countries revolted.

How are the french and American Revolutions the same?

The French and The American revolutions are the same because both revolutions were against Britain and were for independence i.e.., freedom. The French revolution started by the inspiration of the American revolution.

What revolutions were inspired by the french revolution?

Latin American revolutions and Russian revolutions

How did the American and french revolutions influence latin America independence movements?

it showed that a revolution can help gain independence

How did the enlightenment influence the American french and glorious revolutions?

it influenced the revolutions in several ways. one way they were influenced was john locke ideas on life liberty and property

How were the Latin American Revolutions similar to the French and American Revolutions?

they all revolutionized over the economy

What 2 revolutions inspired the Haitian revolution?

American french and losamousier revolutions

What form of government was created after the American after the American and french revolutions?

A Republic.

Which revolution did Bolivar Admire?

the American and french revolutions

Hiw was simon bolivar influenced by the american and french revolutions?

Simon Bolivar was influenced by the American and French revolutions in that he desired the constitutional freedoms that were contained in the American and French documents to become part of the lives of the people of his nation.

How was Simon bolivar influenced by the American and french revolutions?

he began revolutions against spanish authority

What describes a common feature of both the French and American revolutions?

Both conflicts sought to replace monarchies with other forms of government.

Why did Bolรญvar admire the American and French revolutions?

he admire the revolutions because the revolutions make him to have a dreamed to gain independent for his country...(maybe)

Who was the Frenchman who fought in both the French and American revolutions?


What is a common feature of both the French and American revolutions?


What Revolutions began the the Era Atlantic Revolutions?

The American revolution kicked it all off. The next to follow it was the Batavian, or the French if you only count the big three (American, French, Haitian).

Who is Marquis de Layfette?

He was a French Officer and a hero of both the American and French Revolutions.

How did Enlightenment ideals profoundly influence the American and French revolutions?

The fundamental basis of the Enlightenment is the embrace the concept of natural rights as a rational ideology and this leads directly to desires of liberty and a democratic government to protect people's freedoms and their equality. The American and French Revolutions were based on these ideas, in contrast to the monarchies and classist societies from which they rebelled.

What was the difference between the results of the french and American revolutions?

At the end of the french revolution french fries where invented

Which of the following describes a similarity between the American and French Revolutions?

Both revolutions were intended to overthrow an unpopular monarchy.