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by translating works of Aristotle and Plato

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How did Muslim scholars help preserve the ancient writings teachings and learning from the ancient world?

When the Dark Ages destroyed European culture, the Arabs in Spain and Baghdad preserved the ancient writings, which were retrieved during the Enlightenment.

How do Muslim scholers preserve European culture?

they did so by translating the works of Aristotle, Plato, and other texts from Greece, India, and Persia into Arabic in the house of wisdom

How did Muslim scholars preserve and pass on knowledge to medieval Europe?

They did traveled to Europe and tought them everything they knew

What food are common in the Muslim culture?

There isn't exactly a "Muslim" culture. Muslims can be Arab, African, Asian, European, Hispanic, etc.

What did Muslim scholars preserve?

This excerpt might help (It's from my History book by the way):"Scholars in Muslim lands saved much of the learning of the ancient world. Europeans in the West had lost this knowledge after the Western Roman Empire fell. Through Muslim scholars ,western Europeans found out about Aristotle and other ancient Greek thinkers."

How did Muslim rule change India?

Because the Muslim had increases of trade and welcomed immigration and scholars am the culture created beautiful arts and architecture

How did Muslim scholars preserve their knowledge for future generations?

they critically analyzed, collated, corrected and supplemented substantially the Greek science and philosophy.

How did Muslim scholars preserve and build on the learning of earlier civilizations?

Muslim scholars passed on their knowledge to their children and the next generations thus. But mainly they preserved their writings and books in the form of great libraries. They translated the work of various teachers and wrote new books with the advancement in time.

What was the connection between Muslim scholars and the scholars of ancient Greece?

ONE was muslim and one wasnt.

What did Muslim scholars contribute?

The study of algebra and trigonometry. Baldor is one of the main representatives of Muslim scholars.

What was a lasting effect on European culture from the Muslim conquests?

The religion of Islam was spread. (study island answer)

How did Muslim scholars preserve and pass on knomledge to medieval Europe?

They translated books from Latin and Greek languages. They established schools and universities in Baghdad, Kufa, Cairo, Cordova and many other cities. Students from European countries came to these universities and sought knowledge and then spread it to their countries.

How did Muslim scholars help preserve the knowledge of ancient Greeks and Romans?

While the Greek and Roman sources of knowledge were forgotten (either actively or passively) in Christian Europe, Muslim leaders gathered them in Baghdad and Cordoba and translated them into Arabic. When European states were once again mentally ready for this information, they were able to acquire it effortlessly from the Muslims who had held onto it in the interim.

What did Muslim scholars invent?


What Muslim scholars say about Bermuda triangle?

Muslim scholars have little to nothing to say about the Bermuda triangle. Muslim scholars focus on the study of the history, theology, science, mathematics, law, and literature, not arbitrary lines drawn on a map.

Contribution of Muslim scholars to Islamic economics?

The Muslim scholars formulated trade and economic rules and provided guidance in the field of trade and economics.

How did Muslim knowledge spread to Europe?

muslim scholars shared knowledge with the crusaders

Name for a Body of Muslim scholars?


What is the relationship between religion and culture in Egypt today?

Egypt is predominantly Muslim today so their culture is Muslim culture.

What is Another word for Muslim scholars?

Hmm... "Sheikhs"

Can an arranged marriage be stopped in the muslim culture?

Yes an arranged marriage can be stopped in the Muslim culture

What has the author Abdul Wahhab written?

Abdul Wahhab has written: 'Shamsul Ulama Maulana Safiullah (Dadaji)' -- subject(s): Biography, Muslim Scholars, Scholars, Muslim

How were Muslim scholars linked to the revival of learning in Europe?

Muslim scholars linking to revival of learning in Europe by making an important and original contributions in mathematics, astronomy, medicine, ect.

How did Muslim scholars contribute to the Renaissance?

Muslim scholars contributed to the Renaissance when their works on medicine, philosophy, and mathematics were translated into Latin and other Western languages. Some of these Muslim writers had based their work on earlier Greek and Indian texts.

Body of Muslim scholars trained in theology and law?