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How did the defeat in russia lead to napoleons downfall?

The Army that he marched into Russia was destroyed and had less than 10% effectives when it returned to France.

What event led to napoleons failure to defeat russia?

Winter came and Napoleon's army was not prepared for it.

The site of napoleons greatest defeat was?

The Battle of Waterloo was Napoleons greatest defeat.

What was Germany's aim during World War I?

To defeat Britain,France and Russia.

Why did Britan get involved with World War 1?

To help France and Russia defeat Germany. Britain wanted Germany to lose WWI, so they joined France and Russia. Britain was worried that if Germany won WWI, they would be too powerful for England to defeat by themselves, so they joined France and Russia and declared war on Germany.

How did the defeat in Russia lead to Napoleon's downfall?

The Army that he marched into Russia was destroyed and had less than 10% effectives when it returned to France.

Who should Hitler have learned from in history about invading Russia?

Napoleon Bonaparte, the Emperor of France, invaded Russia in 1812 that resulted in defeat.

Did prussia and russia invade France?

Yes they did. Prussian and Russian Armies invaded France in 1814 after Napoleon defeat at the Battle of Leipzig.

Where was Napoleons final defeat?

In present day Belgium near Brussels.

What did metternich claim after napoleons defeat?

lawful monarchs should be restored.

What was napoleons strategy to defeat England?

period of rational thought about government

What caused the schlieffen plan?

Germany wanted to defeat France on the Western front and then hurry to the East and fight Russia

Under the schlieffen plan what country was Germany focusing on to defeat first?

France in the West and then rushing east to fight russia

Where was the site of Napoleons final defeat?

Napoleon was defeated at Waterloo by the Duke of Wellington and the Seventh Coalition.

Can Germany defeat US in war?

My assumption. Germany cannot defeat US. But France can. But Germany can defeat France.

Why did Russia enter the 1st World War?

Austria had taken advantage of Russia's problems in the wake of defeat in the Russo-Japanese War to annex Bosnia-Herczegovina in 1908. At that point Russia was unable to act, however, they did determine not to allow Austria to make any further such gains in the Balkans. When Austria issued the ultimatum to Serbia in 1914, and threatened to attack, Russia warned Austria and started a partial mobilization themselves. This is were the system of alliances kicked in, because Germany mobilized in reaction and ultimately declared war on both Russia and France (France had an alliance with Russia).

Did Britain defeat France?

It depends on what war/battle you are talking about. Britain did defeat France a couple times, but France retaliated.

Why did France want revenge on Germany in 1914 World War 1 need answer quick plzzz?

Because of the Franco-Prussian War of 1870, when France was defeated, the German Empire proclaimed at Versailles, and two provinces (Alsace and Lorraine) transferred from France to Germany. And similarly this goes back to Napoleons defeat of Prussia in 1806...

What geographic factors make Russia so hard to defeat?

One of the geographic features that makes Russia hard to defeat is the Ural Mountains which are separating Russia from Siberia.

Why did England France and Russia form the Triple Entente?

The core was the alliance between France and Russia formed in 1892 out of fear of Germany. Britain came to an 'understanding' ('Entente') with France in 1904 which dealt with various disputes in Africa.The defeat of Russia in the Sino-Japanese War of 1904-05 prompted a reappraisal of Russia. What bothered many foreign observers was not so much Russia's defeat but the fact that the Russian media and mant Russian intellectuals publicly applauded ever Russian defeat; moreover, there was an uprising in Russia in 1905. The nearly established British Imperial General Staff concluded that Russia did not have the internal cohesion to fight a major war, and that it was no longer an effective counterweight to Germany. (Incidentally, Britain's view of Russia as a military power didn't change much till 1943).In the interests of restoring the balance of power, Britain drew much closer to France and, despite Anglo-Russian rivalries in parts of Asia (for example, Persia) it came to a limited agreement with Russia in 1907.

How did England plan to defeat France?

No one can defeat France, because they surrender before anyone can attack.

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