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How did Near get the death note from Mikami?


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If I remember correctly, Near had one of his agents trail Mikami then snuck into his locker or case of some sort, then switch the death note that Mikami had for a fake one, created by Near's men.

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No, only Light Yagami, Mello (Mihael Keehl), Misa Amane, Teru Mikami, Kyomi Takada (When she kills Mello),Kyosuke Higuchi, Ryuk, Sidoh, and Rem use the Death Note. Near has nothing to do with the Death Note except to study it.

Misa Amane and Teru Mikami

Mello kidnapped Miss Takada because Near and Mello both compromised so Near would have Mello kidnap her because he new that Teru Mikami would need to kill her, confirming that Mikami was the third kira (hence the name "mikami" meaning third god) so that when Near and Light Yagami meet he would take the fake death note from Mikami (Mikami did not know the death note he had was a fake) and see that he killed Takada and that he did not write Light Yagami's name, exposing them both as kira. Near and Mello both new that this was an extremely dangerous move and that Mello would probably die, but mello went along with it anyway.

Yes, Near is a character in Death Note

They are, not in this order, the following:L (Ryuzaki)LightNearMelloMattMisaRyukWatariBeyond BirthdayTeru Mikami

Near from death note because he actually won the battle in the end the new English version of the last name of death note movie Jim carrey will play Mikami

Yes. Like, Mikami Could Write Light's Name In His Death Note And Write As Details Of Death, "Light Will Scream 'I Am Kira!' Then Commit Suicide" And Light Would Do That. So Yes, You Could Control A Person To Admit Being Kira With The Death Note Then Kill Them.

yes. he dies in volume 9, in the very last episode. he stabs himself with a pen becaause he failed to do what Kira instructed him to.

In episode 27: Abduction

No, Near calls himself "N" He thinks he is the successor of L.

That is very likely but has not been confirmed.

He is 5'0" as stated in Death Note 13: How to Read.

He is one of L's successors, the elder out of him and Near

no near does not die. he realizes that the death note he got was fake and found the real one, in the end light/second L/Kira dies, and misa commits suicide.

Takada is ordered by Kira to kill some people and ends up finding out to much (or something along those lines) so Mikami has her burn down the building she's in with his death note and kill herself along with the evidence. I hope that helps.

I like both but.... Bleach would win if the characters fought, unless Misa, Mikami, Rem and Ryuk wrote super fast (not Light because he didn't make the eye deal ^^') If you mean, who would win in which is better, I say Death Note! Death Note FTW! Beyond Birthday, Matt, and Mello forever <3

Death Note: Another Note can be bought or purchased at any bookstore near you. There's no way to read it online, or so I'm told. Thanks for asking. -B.

In the end, Near wins and Light dies. Manga Version: Light begs Ryuk to kill Near and the police. Ryuk writes down Light's name in the Death note instead. Mikami dies in jail a few months later and Misa commits suicide. Anime Version: Mikami kills himself in the warehouse-thing and Light tries to run away. Then there's this whole dramatic scene and Ryuk is on a building and says that they had fun but Light's time is up. Then Light dies of a heart attack on a staircase. Then you see L standing there(which I don't understand) and Misa standing on a building and she looks like she's going to jump. And finally, IT ENDS. Hope I helped!

at the end light dies and near wins

Near first appears in episode 26, appearing in most episodes after that.

Well the death note how to read 13 book tells you everyyythinggg. Near is 5'

Light Yagami (Kira) Misa Amane Hideki ryuzaki (L) Mikami Soriachi Yagami Mello Matt Niomi misora Raye penber Takada ...and many others...

As the countdown reaches 40 seconds, Light declares his winning over Near. Much to his shock, however, Near and the others are still alive after 40 seconds have passed. Mikami is confused and asks Light why it doesn't work even though he's done things that Light ordered him to do. As soon as Mikami said this, Near orders Lester and Giovanni to capture Mikami and confiscate the notebook. Near then shows everyone that their names are written in the notebook. The only exception to this is Light's name. Light completely loses it and tells everyone that this is a trap that Near devised to make him confess. LOL. Near points out that it's likely that they don't die because there's a trick with the book. Light tries to convince himself that the book that Mikami brings with him is the real one. Light who feels trapped decides to declare that he doesn't know Mikami. Aizawa, however, tells him it's too late because Light already said that the victory is his. Light becomes panic and tries to escape arrest. He, however, stops on his track when Near tells him that he's lost. Near then reveals that he's aware that Light told Mikami to make a fake notebook. However, when Near wrote a name in the fake notebook, the person didn't die. So Near found out that the notebook was fake and decided to move accordingly. His plan was to trick Light so that he ordered Mikami to bring over the real notebook to kill them. What Light doesn't know is that Near has altered both the fake and the real one. Near then pulls out the real Death Note out of his shirt. He explains that Giovanni made the fake notebook using the same pen that Mikami used and even mimic his handwriting. Near also reveals that because he has the notebook, he's been able to see Ryuk right from the time they meet in the warehouse. Light is shocked to hear this and even more so when Ryuk confirms that you can kill people just by using the ripped pages from the book. Despite the fact, Light finds it hard to believe that Near managed to get his hand on the real one. Near, on the other hand, attributes his success in trapping Light due to Mello. He then points out at the fake notebook because although it's just a fake, it repeats the same information that was in the original notebook. Written on top of a page is Takada Kiyomi's name. Although the day is the same, the time of the death has been set up to happen 1 minute after Light killed Takada. Mikami is shocked to realise that Light had done the same thing that he did. Light, on the other hand, is angry because Mikami did the judgment even though he told the guy not to do it. Giovanni then explains that Mikami normally goes to a bank on the 25th to get the note. However, he went to the bank on the 26th after he heard news of Takada's abduction. Mikami basically does what he thinks he must do as Light's avatar so he picked up the real note from the safe. The SPKs managed to obtain the real notebook from the safe without much difficulty. This led Near to realise that Mikami probably sent pages of the Death Note to Takada so she can do the judgments. Near believes that Light tried to kill Takada with a piece of paper from the notebook. However, Light didn't count on the possibility that Mikami would write her name as well. Near thanks Mello for his help in the case. Ridner believes that Mello probably already knew that this would happen. When Ridner informed Mello that Near is going to confront Kira, Mello warned her that Near will make Light write her name in the notebook. Near thinks that Mello already guessed that they were going to alter the notebook and the notebook that they were going to alter was fake. Near also points out that although he lacks Mello's initiative and Mello's lack patience, the two of them can surpass L. Feeling that his cover is blown over, Light laughs like a madman. Light then admits that he is Kira but tries to point out that although capturing Kira might be an act of justice back then, these days it's considered a crime. Light then goes on and on about how the world needs to change and how Kira makes this possible. He claims that he's not just Kira but also the God of the new world. In response, Near tells Light that he's just a murderer and the notebook is the worst murder weapon in history. A normal person would have been horrified at what they can do using the book. Near can also understand someone using the book for their own personal gain. Light, on the other hand, thinks he can become a God so Near consider him as a crazy mass murderer. When Light tries to argue that he's justice, Near asks him what is right and wrong. Even if there is God, Near feels that he's capable of deciding what is right or wrong on his own. Therefore, calling oneself a God and killing people indiscriminately is evil in his book. Light, realising that Near won't listen to his reasoning, tries to write the boy's name into Death Note. Matsuda, however, is faster and manages to shoot Light's hand. Light becomes angry and calls Matsuda names while Matsuda is angry that all of these times Light has been the one who caused all of the suffering. Light, however, refuses to give up and tries to write Near's name using his blood. Matsuda reacts quickly and shoots Light multiple times. Matsuda almost loses it and wants to kill Light but thankfully his co-worker manage to restrain him. While doing so, however, Mikami kills himself with a pen, providing the distraction that Light needs to escape from the warehouse. Lester wants to give a chase but Near assures them that it's over since they've got the Death Note. Meanwhile, Light continues to run along the wharf while the Japanese police looks for them. Unknown to Light, Ryuk has been watching from the roof and decides to write his name. The series end with Light dying inside another warehouse while Misa was last seen about to jump from a rooftop.

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