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She was in bed and her heart stopped

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He was killed by his wife.( olympias ) - Dogluva21

Olympias the Deaconess died on 408-07-25.

Olympias died in 316 BCE at a place called Pydna.

Yes Alexander Hamilton Mother Did Die Because Of Yellow Fever.. Very Sad But True:(

Alexander the great was bitten by a mosquito and died of miliaria

Alexander the great died June 13, 323 B.C.

Philip II ruined his relationship with his son, Alexander the Great, by rejecting Alexander's mother who was a Greek from Epirus and marrying another woman who was a Greek from Macedonia. Alexander, and especially his mother, felt that Alexander would no longer be in line to inherit the throne should Philip II die with an heir that was a full Macedonian Greek. There have been speculations that Alexander had killed his father but in light of this reason, it has been proposed that it was Alexander's mother that may have arraigned to assassinate Philip, not Alexander.

Alexander the great did not die in battle , but some say malaria or the soldiers poisoned him as they wanted to return to Greece.

Alexander the great died in Babylon.

Alexander the Great died on June 10, 323 BC at the age of -34.

Alexander The Great die in 323 B.C. He was born in 356 B.C.

In a palace in Babaylon.

Alexander the Great died at the age of 32 in June 323 B.C.

Alexander the Great 323 BC

Alexander the Great, King of Macedonia, died in 323 BC.

Babylon, June 10th, 323 BCE

He died of Malaria on June 10th 323B.C.

Alexander the Great died on June 10, 323 B.C. in Babylon.

No, although he did die of malaria while in Egypt

my teacher said supposedly @age 33

He would have supplanted Jesus the Nazorean.

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