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She was in bed and her heart stopped

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Q: How did Olympias the mother of Alexander the great die?
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When did Alexander the Greats mother die?

Olympias died 314 BCE.

How did Alexander the great's father die?

He was killed by his wife.( olympias ) - Dogluva21

When did Olympias the Deaconess die?

Olympias the Deaconess died on 408-07-25.

What year did Olympias die?

Olympias died in 316 BCE at a place called Pydna.

When did Alexander Hamilton's mother die?

Yes Alexander Hamilton Mother Did Die Because Of Yellow Fever.. Very Sad But True:(

Why did Alexander great die?

Alexander the great was bitten by a mosquito and died of miliaria

Did Plato and Aristotle and Alexander the great die for their beliefs?

No Alexander the great died from a disease

How did Alexander Graham ball's mother die?


How did Philip ii ruin his relationship with Alexander the great?

Philip II ruined his relationship with his son, Alexander the Great, by rejecting Alexander's mother who was a Greek from Epirus and marrying another woman who was a Greek from Macedonia. Alexander, and especially his mother, felt that Alexander would no longer be in line to inherit the throne should Philip II die with an heir that was a full Macedonian Greek. There have been speculations that Alexander had killed his father but in light of this reason, it has been proposed that it was Alexander's mother that may have arraigned to assassinate Philip, not Alexander.

What day did Alexander the great die?

Alexander the great died June 13, 323 B.C.

Where did alxander the great die?

Alexander the great died in Babylon.

Where Alexander the Great die?

In a palace in Babaylon.

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