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One Tree Hill got its name from the town of Tree Hill it is actually a real place in the world however this show was not filmed there. They named it One Tree Hill, because it is their town and home where they share memories, experiences, family, friends, drama and relationships in this one place. There is only one tree hill...

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Jimmy shot himself in the school and Dan Scott shot Keith Scott in season 3 of One Tree Hill. This all happened in Tree Hill High.

Yes she got married to Nathan Scott.

umm... ben barnes (Narnia), Barry Corbin (one tree hill), Bryan Greenberg (one tree hill) and Brett Claywell (one tree hill) I got more if u need em x x x

they got married and had a baby and moved. they are no longer featured in the show

no she moved, because she got suspended, but she graduated. she didn't die

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Peyton got shot in season 3 by Jimmy Edwards.

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no, no one got hurt in the Battle of Golden Hill no, no one got hurt in the Battle of Golden Hill

No, her character got killed, because she played a crazy nanny who was obsessed with Jamie Scott.

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Just got this email from TG4 One Tree Hill - Series 6 - Begins next week on TG4!.The new series of One Tree Hill is back from next Thursday, February 5th. It will be shown on Thursdays at 6pm (as part of Síle) and will be repeated the following Wednesday night.For more information visit our dedicated site at

One tree hill season six release date hasn't got a release date yet. Usually a season will be released around 2 or 3 months after it is released in the states, it was released on the 25th of August 2009 in America, so it should be out here soon :)

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it's on TV on the 14 September 2009 but i think that's in America the website i got this off was :D

keith, jimmy , Ellie and quentin have died on one tree hill.keith, jimmy and quentin all got shot but ellie died of cancerAlso, as of season 7, Haley's mom has died and so has Clay's wife, Sarah.*Jimmy shot himself.Also Dan Scott dies in season 9 of heart problems

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One Tree Hill - 2003 I Slept with Someone in Fall Out Boy and All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me 3-19 was released on: USA: 12 April 2006 France: 24 June 2006 Hungary: 28 April 2007 Japan: 21 January 2010

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nobody wanted to go there so it was dark and forbidden

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i think so because Julian and brooke are getting married. there is since 8 is on now n brooke got married already 8 is over

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