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Q: How did Otto von Bismarck maintain peace in Europe after 1871?
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What were Bismarck's major goals after 1871?

Bismarck's primary goal after 1871 was to keep peace in Europe. Another one of his goals was to keep France from becoming too powerful. Otto von Bismarck served as the 1st Chancellor of Germany.

Why did Otto Von Bismarck seek to preserve peace in Europe after 1871?

Bismarck was a diplomat, not a military officier. He only preached war as a way to convince the other German states of Prussia might so that they would agree to unification. After the states unified, Bismarck had no need for war, which could threaten the strength and economy of the new country.

Why did Otto Von Bismarck also known as the architect of German unification seek to preserve peace in Europe after 1871?

Bismarck was a dipolmat. It was his job to talk and not fight. Not to mention that war is never a good thing for a new nation and if there was a war in Europe, there would most likely be fighting on two of Germany's border, maybe three, which is not a good situation to be in.

What country did Otto von Bismarck unify?

Germany in 1871.

What was the role of Bismarck in German unification?

Otto von Bismarck was a Prussian statesman who successfully unified the German states under the rule of Kaiser Wilhelm I in 1871, at the successful conclusion of the Franco-Prussian war. Please see the web link below for an excellent biography of him. Bismarck was the driving force in uniting the 40+ states on German soil into the German Empire in 1870. He furthermore through his very sophisticated political work of alliances etc. gave Europe a period of peace between 1871 and 1914. He stepped down as a Chancellor in 1890. The men after him, in particular Emperor Wilhelm II, undid piece by piece v. Bismarck's achievements in foreign politics; they were not able to keep up his intricate peace work and drove Germany and Europe into WW1.

What empire was Otto Von Bismark emperor?

The German state that Bismarck established in 1871 is sometimes referred to as the "Second Reich". Bismarck was the chancellor from 1871-1890 - he was never an emperor.

What is the nickname of otto von Bismarck in 1871-90?

The Iron Chancellor.

Who was known as the 'iron man of Europe?

Otto von Bismarck was known as the 'Iron Chancelor' in Europe. He was the first chancellor of the United Germany from 1871 to 1890. (Chancellor means prime minister in German politics.)

What did Otto von Bismarck succeed in doing by 1871?

He succeeded in unifying Germany.

How long was Otto Von Bismarck Chancellor of Germany?

For 19 years, from 1871-1890.

What made the Germans stronger in 1871?

Bismarck unified Germany under Prussian leadership.

Otto v Bismarck interest in unity?

He was the leader of the German unification concluded in 1871.

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