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How did PM Mackenzie King respond to the thought of conscription?

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September 13, 2011 6:13AM

He tried to avoid it but he knew that there weren't enough volunteers overseas.


Mackenzie King knew that he didn't want to separate the relations between French and English Canadians but there was a real shortage in men(and women) joining the war efforts overseas. He tried his best to avoid conscription but it was impossible if Canada was going to survive the war.


The results of the enactment of the conscription law were these..............

A group of about one hundred thousand men were trained in Canada, fully equipped and paid, and they SAT on their asses, for 3 years, in Canada.

WHY? Because McKenzie King did want to offend the French in Quebec, and by keeping the ZOMBIES in Canada, he was assured that his Liberals would not be turffed out of office by the voters of Quebec.

Even after D-Day in 1944, those men were still sitting safely in their huts on their bases in Canada, drawing full pay, while the "Day One" volunteers who had signed up at the very beginning of the war in 1939 were dying in France, or being sent back into action after being wounded, again. The desperate need for replacements for the dead could have been completely solved by bringing the fully trained 100,000 men to Europe, BUT NO, that wasn't going to happen.

Instead the 2nd and 3rd Canadian Infantry Divisions had to sweep the rear areas for bakers clerks and any other men who could be sent forward to act as fighting soldiers in the line. Without infantry training and little idea of what they had to do, they were soon dead or wounded ,too.