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Sarah died from complications due to childbirth. I can't find a specific statement regarding Rachel's cause of death but given that she was 68 years old at a time when most people did not live to be 40, old age is probably as good a cause as any.

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Q: How did Paul Revere's wives Sarah and Rachel die?
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What were the names of Paul Reveres wives?

Paul had only one wife and her name was Rachel walkerFirst it was Sarah Orne. Then After she had died Rachel Walker.

What is Paul Revere's wife named?

paul reveres first wife was Sarah ore an his second wife was rachel walker

How many wives did paul revere have?

He had only 2 wives and there names were Sarah Orne and Rachel Walker.

How many wives did Paul Revere have and who where they?

Paul Revere had two wives. His first wife was named Sarah Orne. His seccond wife was named Rachel Walker

What were the names of Peter and Paul's wives and how many children did they begat?

The wives of Peter and Paul were called Sarah Orne and Rachel Walker. The number of children is not recorded anywhere.

What did paul reveres wife sarah orne do?

she had 8 children and died in childbirth with her child.

How long after Sarah Orne died did Paul Revere marry Rachel Walker?

Paul Revere married Rachel Walker the same year that Sarah Orne died. In the year 1773.

Paul Revere's wife's name?

Sarah Orne, Rachel Walker

Who was Paul Reveres father?

Paul Revere

Were studying the poem paul reveres ride in English class?

We are studying Paul Reveres ride in English class.

When did Paul Reveres father die?

Paul Reveres father died a long time ago

What was Paul reveres real name?

Paul revere

Who does Paul Revere marry?

Sarah Orne then she died and he married Rachel Walker.

Did Paul Revere have 16 or 11 children?

Paul Revere had 16 children 8 with Sarah 8 with Rachel

What was Paul Reveres profession?

He was a silversmith.

What was Paul Reveres challenges?

to run

What were Paul Reveres accomplishments?

he was a silversmith

What Paul reveres weight?


What is Paul reveres full name?

Paul Reline Revere

Who did Paul Revere marry?

Sarah Orne was his first wife. Rachel Walker was his second.

Who was Paul Reveres boss?

George Washington

What color was Paul Reveres uniform?


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What was Paul Reveres home town?

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What is reveres full name?

Paul Revere.