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How did Pearl Harbor affect the world?

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it got the US join the war

It caused the Americans to live in fear that the Japanese were going to attck the heart of their country, it also changed the lives of The Japanese significantly.

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How did the battle of Pearl Harbor affect our military today?

It effected our military dramasicly. We lost world war 2 only because of Pearl Harbor.

How did pearl harbor effect the holocaust?

Pearl Harbor did not affect, or even have anything to do with the Holocaust.

How did Pearl Harbor affect America?

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How did the attack on Pearl Harbor affect World war 2?

It brought the US into the fray.

What affect the Chinese attack on Pearl Harbor have on US foreign policy?

Very little as the Chinese did not attack Pearl Harbor the Japanese did so.

How did Pearl Harbor affect the US participation in World War 2?

It removed the option of not participating.

How did Pearl Harbor affect the hydrosphere?

It didnt

What was The Conflict of Pearl Harbor?

The conflict of Pearl Harbor was when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and drug the U.S. into World War II.Thank you

How did the atomic bomb of pearl harbor effect the world?

There was no atomic bombs on Pearl Harbor

How did Pearl Harbor affect the economy?

in pearl harbor we made the Japanese angry so they improved our economy with fried dog.

How did Pearl Harbor affect Europe?

Pearl Harbor saved Europe. Without it, the US may never had entered the war.

What is the setting of the movie Pearl Harbor?

The setting was portrayed as Pearl Harbor, in Hawaii during World War II. The attack on Pearl Harbor was what thrust the U.S. into World War II.

How did the attack on Pearl Harbor affect Australia?

it didnt

How did Pearl Harbor affect history?

US in WW2.

How did pearl harbor affect those who survived?


Who did the event of Pearl harbor affect?

japan dumb but

Where can you find personal experiences of world war 2 in America?

Pearl HARBOR Pearl Harbor

What war started as a result of pearl harbor?

Pearl harbor was a part of world war 2

What happen at pearl harbor in World War 2?

we were bombed by the japanese at pearl harbor hawaii

Where in the world is pearl harbor?


Did Pearl Harbor get hit in World War 1 or 2?

In World War Two Pearl Harbor was attacked by imperialist japan

In which war was Pearl Harbor bombed?

Pearl Harbor war bombed and attacked in World War 2

Was Pearl Harbor part of world war 1?

No, pearl harbor was the beginning of the pacific campaign in ww2.

How did Pearl Harbor contribute to World War 2?

Pearl Harbor was the start of USA's involvement is WW2

How did the bombing of Pearl Harbor affect ci vilians?

They had to be evacuated.

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