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Its a long story.... here it goes. When Ray was 7, He went to the lake with his 5 year old brother. They were specifically told not to go in the lake, but his brother went in. When his brother got in, he got stuck in a quicksand pond. His brother didnt know anything about drowning, or death. He thought it was fun, and was smiling and he asked ray to join in, but ray knew not to. As his brother slowly went down, he was still smiling, his eyes were happy and gleeful. As he drowned, ray froze in fear. His eyes suddenley went funny, and he went blind.(when he was alive) he always wore sunglasses because his eyes were all wonky and funny. And that is how he went blind.And please do not trust me on this story, because, at my school, kalamunda primary, the music teacher MR KAN (i dont know how to spell it) told us that exact story. I dont really believe it but, he told all the classes he taught. maybe he is just a liar

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This answer is not exactly correct, but it's a good story! ray Charles was about 5 when his younger brother died. His brother died by drowning in a portable laundry tub. At the age of 7 he went blind by, supposedly, untreated glaucoma.

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Acually you are both wrong he went blind looking into the microwave and eating pork

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How did ray Charles become blind and his brother didn't?

His brother died at very young age, when Ray wasn't blind yet

Was Ray Charles deaf?

No; Ray Charles was blind.

What did ray Charles do to became famous?

ray Charles did a lot to become famous like show people a you con do anything a blind man can do!

Is ray Charles blind and deaf?


At what age did Ray Charles go blind?

Ray Charles began to go blind at age 7

What school did ray Charles go to?

Ray Charles went to st.augustine for the blind

What year did year ray Charles become blind?

so after his bro died he got an eye infection. making him go blind. .... :(

How did ray charles really become blind?

He had an infection in his eyes and his mother gave him drops and they somehow caused him to be blind at the age of 7

What was ray Charles obstacles?

He was blind

How was Ray Charles educated?

Ray Charles was educated at the school of St. Augestine for the blind.

Who is Ray Charles?

Ray Charles was a very famous black blind jazz pianist. see

What was Ray Charles childhood like?

he was blind

Was ray Charles blind by birth?


How did Ray Charles go blind?

It seems that Ray Charles had glaucoma. He started to go blind when he was five, and completely lost his sight when he was seven. In an anecdote, Ray Charles suggested he went blind by looking at the sun too much. But he was diagnosed with glaucoma later in life.

Was ray Charles blind did he play the piano?

Yes he was blind and played the piano

Was ray Charles born blind'?

well your mom was born blind :O

How do you spell ray challs?

The correct spelling of the blind singer's name is Ray Charles (Ray Charles Robinson 1930-2004).

What was ray Charles physical disability?

Yes, he was blind.

Blind musician who wrote Georgia?

ray Charles

Why can't Ray Charles read?

Because he was blind.

Who were the singing duo from seventies he was blind?

Ray Charles

Who was a Famous blind piano player?

ray Charles

Are there any blind actors or actresses?

yes ray Charles played the piano blind

What movie did Jamie Foxx star in where he played a blind entertainer?

He portrayed the blind singer Ray Charles in the movie Ray (2004).

Is William blind?

NO is not blind. He wear a shade just as a style.not because he is blind like ray Charles.