How did Renaissance shape the western world?

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When did artists in the Western world first have ready access to paper?

In Italy in the early Renaissance

How did the new Renaissance world view shape the work of Italian artists and writers?

they died.

When did the Renaissance spread to Western Europe?

The Renaissance spread in the 14th century.

How did the Renaissance affect our western worldview?

how did art affect renaissance thinking and worldview?

What year did the Renaissance sperad to western Europe?

The Renaissance spread in the 14th century.

Who is the father of renaissance of western India?


Is the Renaissance is the earliest musical period in the Western tradition?

No, the Middle Ages was filled with music and the ancient world also had music.

When did Renaissance Music begin?

The Renaissance era in Western music began in about 1400, in northern Italy.

What are two differences between Indian renaissance and western renaissance?

indian and west renissance difference

Which part of Europe did the renaissance begin?

Western europe

What period was perspective rediscovered in western art?

The Renaissance

How did merchants help the Renaissance?

merchants helped shape the renaissance because they would trade with others and they would also trade renaissance ideas

How did art in the Renaissance change our western world view today?

Today, many artists and composers are inspired by those from the Renaissance, thus giving them the inspiration to create masterpieces of their own. Also, when we look at Renaissance art, we are truly awed at the precise detail and perspective.

How did the city of Genoa help shape the Renaissance worldview?

Genoa helped shape the Renaissance worldview by creating a larger economy and becoming a large trading captal in Italy.

Why do works of art from the High Renaissance continue to be among the most famous art in the western world?

Firstly, some very good art was produced. Secondly, Renaissance art is harmonious and clear, easy to like.

The period when western Europe was reborn is called?

it is called the renaissance.

The Renaissance was the beginning of learning for Western Europeans truefalse?


How did religion shape the cultures of the ancient world?

What contributions did Indo-European peoples make to the development of Western Civilization during the ancient world

How did the fall of the Roman Empire affect society?

It brought the onset of the Dark age, from which the western world emerged slowly through the Middle Ages and then the Renaissance.

What were the main characteristics of the Renaissance in Italy?

the characteristics of the renaissance in Italy are, painting and sculpting and the elements of paintings in the Italian renaissance are, color, shape, space, texture, tone and value

What does Renaissance mean and why was the Renaissance an important era in history?

Renaissance means "Rebirth". It was an important era that allowed Western Civilization to finally overcome the decline and fall of the Roman Empire.

Where did the Renaissance spread?

The Renaissance influenced the whole of Western Society and is still influencing the West. We may be due for another one soon.

How did contact among people shape the world view of renaissance Italy?

a known schizophrenic contact that no one would ever dreamed of and in reality its real and not fake

What part of Europe did the European renaissance begin?

The European Renaissance began in Western Europe, more specifically, in the city-state of Florence, Italy.

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