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I think Rosa Parks did not get inspired she is just being her self not anyone else.

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what inspired rosa parks?

Rosa parks inspired others by sitting on the bus and standing up for herself.

Rosa park was encourage by her husband Raymond park

what was Rosa park early years like

634 Rosa L. Pparks Avenue in Montgomery,Alabama

Santa Rosa National Park was created in 1972.

she inspired me by the accomplisments and her being awarded the highest honor by the NAACP.

The area of Santa Rosa National Park is 387 square kilometers.

Rosa Parks is famous because she inspired the Montgomery Bus Boycott in 1955.

rosa parks was 92 when she died

Rosa Parks inspiring others.

Rosa Parks married Raymond Parks

did rosa parks moved alot

Rosa parks had 1 sibling

Rosa parked a long time ago.

rosa park is in the civil rights because she didnt want to gave up her seat

for me rosa park fear was the cops because they arestead her.

Yes, Rosa Park is an African American.

Rosa park said leave me alone

Rosa Parks died on October 24, 2005

Rosa parks died in october 25,2005

rosa's real name is rosa lee park

What country was Rosa parks born in

Both Rosa Park and Martin Luther King, sttod up for what they believed in

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