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she helped lewis and clarke to explore the Missouri river

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Q: How did Sacagawea change the world?
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What effect did Sacagawea have on the World?

if it werent for sacagawea the louis and clark expedition may not have been a success

How did sacagawea impact the world?

she traveled with Lewis and clark.

What did Sacagawea do to help the world?

gave money hahaha

How did Sacagawea influence people?

Sacagawea stood as a role model and example to other native americans and young leaders around the world

Why was sacagawea named sacagawea?

Sacagawea means a bird women

Why did Sacagawea want to make peace?

so there can be freedom in world

Who influenced sacagawea?


Where is Sacagawea now?

Sacagawea is dead, Sacagawea died in 1812, and was born around 1787.

Was sacagawea deaf?

No Sacagawea was not deaf

Did Sacagawea Have A Pet?

no, Sacagawea did not have a pet

Is Sacagawea and Sacagawea the same?

Yes; Sacagawea is just different spelling version of Sacajawea.

What did sacagawea discover?

Sacagawea discovers how to be a friend

What challenges did Sacagawea have to overcome?

what did sacagawea have to overcome

Did Sacagawea have a sister?

Sacagawea had a unknown sister named Billove(Grass Woman)but Sacagawea never knew.

Did Sacagawea have any brothers?

Yes Sacagawea did have brothers.

What happened to Sacagawea when she was twelve?

Sacagawea was taken and sold.

Was sacagawea married?

Sacagawea is married to Touissant Charbonneau

Was Sacagawea buried?

sacagawea died on the forts which she lived on!!!!!!

Who was Sacagawea kidnapped by?

Sacagawea was kidnapped by Hidatsa tribe!

When was sacagawea alive?

Sacagawea lived from 1788 to 1812.

1 fact about sacagawea?

how old was Sacagawea when she died???

How many quotes did sacagawea have?

Sacagawea had 3 quotes

Was sacagawea a princess?

Yes Sacagawea was an Indiana princess

Who is better sacagawea or pocahantos?

Sacagawea, because she actually existed....

What did Sacagawea save when her boat was sinking?

Sacagawea saved journals