How did Samuel Adams get on the King's most wanted list?

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Samuel Adams was very vocal about America gaining it's freedom from England. He wrote numerous letters that were shared with the American public. He also was an instigator by telling those who rebelled against the Stamp Act what to do to make an impression on the British. He reminded all that the Colonies were being taxed without legal representation.
First of all, Adams was a politician, he was infuriated by Parliament and their refusal to represent the colonies in their meetings. Furthermore, he was an avid publicist of the Sons of Liberty, a patriot group that fought against British occupation, famously known for the Boston Tea Party. He frequently published articles that exposed the brutality of the British regulars in Boston. He was recognized for treason and the King did not like the trouble that was brewing.
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Answer . \nJohn Hancock was on the King's wanted list because he was one of the men who signed the declaration of independece, in fact he was the first person to sign it.

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4th Governor of Massachusetts, October 8, 1793 - June 2, 1797 . 3rd Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts, 1789-1793 . President of the Massachusetts Senate, 1782-1785, and

What did Samuel Adams?

Samuel Adams (1722-1803). He was one of the founding fathers of the Unites States Of America. He was also one of the men that signed the constitution of the United States..

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Samuel Adams was a revolutionary politician, signer of the Declaration of Independence , and governor of Massachusetts (1793-97). Samuel Adams served on the Board of War of th