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St. Monica was a 4th century Christian who performed many charitable works in her life. She is the mother of St. Augustine. When he was young, Augustine became a heretic and led a dissolute lifestyle. Monica never ceased praying and fasting for his conversion, which finally occurred shortly before her death.

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How did Monica live by God's will and how is she become a saint?

To learn about the life of St. Monica and why she deserves the title of "saint" click on this linkand read her biography.

What saint helped Saint Augustine in his conversion?

Both his mother, Saint Monica, and Saint Ambrose helped bring Augustine into the Church.

What is St Monica's full name?

There is no source that states the Surname of St. Monica, but St. Monica is usually referred to as Saint Monica of Hippo.

What miracles did St. Monica do to become a saint?

Monica was declared a saint long before the modern canonization process was established and miracles were not a part of the ancient process for declaring saints.

What was Saint Monica's last name?

In the time of Monica surnames were not used.There is no source that states the Surname of St. Monica, but St. Monica is usually referred to as Saint Monica of Hippo.Surnames did not come into use until many centuries after Monica lived.

Who was the mother of Saint Augustine?

The mother of St. Augustine was St. Monica.

Is there a patron saint for patience?

There is no patron saint of patience but if there were it would have to be Saint Monica who prayed for years that her son, Saint Augustine, and her husband be converted. They were!

Where did Saint Monica teach?

I can find no indication that St. Monica, the mother of St. Augustine of Hippo, was ever a teacher.

Why is St. Monica the patron of miracles?

Monica is the patron saint of several things but not of miracles. There is no patron saint of miracles.

Who was the prayerful mother of Saint Augustine?

Saint Monica is the mother of St. Augustine.

Who was the mother of Saint Augustine of Hippo?

St. Monica was St. Augustine's mother.

Who is Saint Monica's son?

St. Augustine of Hippo was the son of St. Monica.

What was the name of Saint Augustine of Hippo's mother?

Saint Augustine of Hippo's mother was St. Monica.

Why is this feast day held for Saint Monica?

The feast day of St. Monica is August 27.

What day was st Monica born?

Saint Monica lived from AD 322 to AD 387

What did Saint Monica do to become a saint?

St. Monica was a devout Catholic mother who was married to an abusive and unfaithful pagan husband. Her son, Augustine, had a misspent youth and that followed him into his younger adult years. Monica endure the heartache and prayed constantly for her two men. Eventually her prayers were answered and both converted to Catholicism. St. Augustine went on to become one of the greatest theologians of all time.

What was St. Augustine of Hippos's mother's name?

If you are referring to Augustine of Hippo's mother's her name was "Saint Monica".

Who is the patron saint of mothers of priests?

There is no patron saint of the mothers of priests. However, St. Monica is a patron saint of mothers and St. John Vianney is a patron saint of priests.

What was Saint Monica's vocation?

Monica was a housewife and mother of St. Augustine.

Did St. Monica predecease Saint Augustine?

Yes, Monica died in the year 387 and Augustine in 430.

Who is St. Monica's mother?

There is no record of the names of the parents of Saint Monica.

What does Santa Monica mean?

Santa Monica is Spanish for "Saint Monica". St. Monica was the mother of the celebrated St. Augustine. She is renowned for her years of patience and prayer for the conversion of her son, who in his turn, became a saint and a great writer of the Faith. Santa Monica as a name is best known for the Los Angeles suburb named for her. There is a statue of her at the end of Sunset Blvd. on the waterfront.

Why did Monica become a saint?

I believe it is because she was the mother of Saint Augastin and is the one who convinced him to convert to Christianity in the first place. No Monica, No Saint Augastin or his cherished writings on Christian morality.

What was the real name of Saint Monica?

Saint Monica

What did Saint Chloe the saint of sport do to become a saint?

The patron saint of sports (athletics) is St. Sebastian, not St. Chloe.