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Hiler shaped the political stance by bringing the National German Workers Party or Nazi party into Germany. Again like Kaiser he made Germany a strong military country. Stalin continued Lenins views and made Russia a strong military country. Really they didn't change political geography at all justadded what they wanted into it.

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Q: How did Stalin and Hitler shape the political geography of Europe in the 20th century?
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How were Adolf Hitler's plans to conquer Europe affected by the geography of Britain?

The fact that Britain was an island eventualy destroyed Hitler

Is Hitler from the 21th century?

No, Adolf Hitler lived in the 20th century.

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First, the question is ridiculous because Mexico is in the Americas and Germany is in Europe. Anyone, who knows geography, would realize that Hitler could only invade if his army was shipped across the Ocean.

What century did Hitler gain power?

20th century

Where did Hitler do what he did?

Europe, Germany.

Which nation was resisting hitler in the summer of 1940 in Western Europe?

Great Britain was the only country resisting Hitler in the summer of 1940 in Western Europe.

How did the political situation in Europe after World War I contribute to both Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler being able to rise to power?

It caused a sense of uncertainty in both Italy and Germany and made people want a strong leader. - APEX

What century did Hitler rule in?

The 20th century, from 1934 to 1945.

Did Hitler take over eastern Europe or western Europe?

eastern Europe

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Hitler was a political leader not a solider

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When did Hitler begin to eliminate the Jews in Europe

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What is the political ideology of Nasizm as a political movement under Adolf Hitler in Germany?

Nasizm is a system of governing which was followed by Hitler in Geany.

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!945, therefore the 20th Century.

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Hitler led the Nazi Party.

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They agreed to share europe

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No, they are because black people were denied entry to the UK and Europe before Hitler and his political shabbyness took over us all

Who was the political leader of the Nazis?

Adolf Hitler is the main political leader of the nazis

What political parties were led by Adolf Hitler?

The Nazi party was led by Adolf Hitler.

What time period is Hitler from?

He was born in the 19th century and died in the 20th century.

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How Jews are affected by Hitler?

Hitler ordered the imprisonment and deaths of millions of Jews in Europe.