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How did The Avengers die?

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The Avengers die because of Doctor Pym's and Tony Stark's

creation Ultron. Iron Man and Henry Pym created Ultron to be a

force for peace, but its programming evolved coming to think that

the only way to truly bring order to Earth was to control it. Then

it attacked the Avengers killing most of them (Captain America,

Wasp, Hawkeye, Black Panther, Giant-Man, and Black Widow). Before

they died however, Iron Man gathered their children and took them

to a safe place in the Arctic Circle. Later, when James

accidentally activated the Iron Avengers, Ultron detected the

energy source, found the Iron Avengers, and took control of them.

He later captured Iron Man and imprisoned him in the Citadel. The

children rescued him and escaped with some help of Hawkeye's son

Francis and the Scavengers (all that remains of humanity). In the

desert, James turned on the ship that he, his friends, Iron Man and

Betty escaped in to lure Ultron to the Hulk. The evil robot arrived

and battled the Hulk, knocking him out. He then blasted at James

with a energy blast which nearly killed the boy. The Hulk grabbed

Ultron, beat him and ripped him in half. When Ultron started to

rebuild himself, Torunn - daughter of the absent Thor and


- grabbed the two separated pieces and threw them into space where

Ultron could not rebuild himself.

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