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He's just cool that way .

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Q: How did Thomas Jefferson characterize the transition of power from one party another in election of 1800?
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What was the most revolutionary development in the critical election of 1800?

The peaceful transition of power from one political party to another.

The most revolutionary development in critical election of 1800 was?

The peaceful transition of power from one political party to another (Federalists to Rebublican-Democrats)

Why is the election of 1800 significant?

The election of 1800 was significant because another party came into power after eight years. It was the first time there was transition of power in the new nation and it was peaceful. It has been ever since.

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What came about as a result of the election of 1800?

In the election of 1800, the Federalists chose John Adams to run for president with Charles Pinckeny to be his vice president. The Republicans chose Thomas Jefferson to run for president and Aaron Burr to be his vice president. However, the ballots for that election did not state which man was running for which office. When the vote came in, Jefferson and Burr beat out Adams and Pinckney. But Jefferson and Burr both received equal numbers of votes. There was no designation that Jefferson was the one who was supposed to be president. The constitution says that in a tie, the president is selected by the House of Representatives. Each state had one vote, and the winner was the person with at least nine votes. The states voted, but Jefferson only got eight votes. The election took about a week and more than thirty ballots. Finally, Jefferson received another vote and became the president of the united states until 1808. (he served two terms). I hope this helps (= I just studied it in my history class!

What is realigning election?

Realigning is just another way of saying Republican or Democrats have more people on their side to vote against the party and any issues brought to floor of the senate. The realigning started with the election of 1800 with Thomas Jefferson by overturning the political party of Alexander Hamilton.

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Did the federalist party win control of both houses of congress from the republican party in 1800 election?

As known that at the time under the Constitution two candidates with the most votes became president and Vice President. In the election of 1800 the tie between Jefferson and Burr and the desicion went to House of Representatives. Jefferson finall won the 36th vote and marked the first time one party replaced another party in the US. Therefore no it did not Jefferson (a Democratic-Republican) gaine control of one of the houses of congress. So it is false

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