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How did Utah got its name?


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It was named (as were many states) for the Ute tribe of native Americans.


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Utah got its nickname from the Ute Indians and before the Ute indians were there the mormon settlers called them the beehive state, lake tahoe state, and desert state. Utah got its name from the ute indians also.

Utah got it's name from the Native American tribe living in the area-- the Utes. The word Utah in the Ute language refers to the high elevation of the area. Utah was named for it's mountains.

Diptheria got it's name because the land of UTAH liked the name.

where did Utah get its name

Utah got its name from the Ute Native American tribe which reside within the states borders. The name was first officially used when the land was declared the Utah Territory in the Compromise of 1850. It was proposed by those within Utah that it be named Deseret, along with much different boundaries; the U.S. Government did not comply.

Anther name for Utah is Ute or the Beehive State.

The name "Utah" comes from the native American "Ute."

Utah Phillips's birth name is Bruce Phillips.

Ute was the tribe that was Native to Utah. That are what people from Utah are called.

The cost is $360 to change your name in the state of Utah.

The lake is also the name of the capitol city of Utah. That has 3 words.

From the Ute Indian tribe who lived in Utah.

Th US State of Utah got its name from native tribe known as the Nuutsiu or Utes (which itself may come from the Apache yudah, yiuta or yuttahih, meaning 'they who are higher up'), encountered by Spanish in the late 1500s. Utemeans 'Land of the Sun' and 'Nuciu' 'Nuutsiu' or 'Noochew' as 'the people', in the tribe's language.The state of Utah was named after the native American tribe the Utes who lived in the region. Utah was going to be named Deseret but was then changed to Utah.

There is currently no NFL team in the state of Utah. There is an NBA team (Utah Jazz).

Les dunes de la Madeleine is the actual name of Utah Beach.

it is called the Wasatch mountain range

The State of Utah is famous for it's interesting name. And also for the beehives. Utah is the beehive state

The Jazz are originally from New Orleans, where the jazz genre originated. They retained their name when they relocateed to Utah.

The Great Salt Lake in Northern Utah

Utah has no mayor it has a Governor named Jon Huntsman Jr.

The name Utah comes from the Ute Indians, it means top of the mountain.

Four legacies? Utah itself if the legacy!

The largest lake in Utah is the Great Salt Lake.

Sego Lily is the official state flower for Utah.

The Great Salt Lake is located in the northern part of Utah.

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