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How did Vespasian Titus and Hadrian all contribute to the Diaspora?


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December 18, 2014 10:10PM

Vespasian started the Roman military campaign against the Great Revolt of the Jews. He defeated the Jews in Galilee, but abandoned to return to Rome to assume the emperorship. He handed over the campaign to his Titus, who besieged Jerusalem, stormed it, destroyed it and took come 100,000 captives to Rome to be old as slaves.

Hadrian decided to redevelop Jerusalem into a Roman city and built some temples to Roman gods and forbade circumcision. This led to a revolt and a war. The Roman army won, destroying 50 towns and over 900 villages and killing half a million Jews.Afrer that Hadrian persecuted Judaism. He banned the Torah law and the Hebrew calendar and executed Judaic scholars. The sacred scroll was burned on the Temple Mount. Hadrian wanted to erase the memory of Judaea. He joined Judea with Galilee and renamed the two areas Syria Palaestina (Palaestina meant land of the Philistines). The Jews were forbidden from entering Jerusalem.