How did Wasps RFC get their name?

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Wasps is an English professional rugby union team. The men's first team, which forms Wasps, was derived from Wasps football club who were formed in 1867 at the now defunct Eton and Middlesex Tavern in North London, at the turn of professionalism in 1995. Wasps play at the rioch arena which is located in Coventry.
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What do wasps do?

Wasps are really amazimg animals. They have a really nice lifestyle. Some people look at wasps and say ewww! That's not all that they are, they are amazing and worth researching about. I am doing a project on wasps... Maybe you should try it!!!:):) Created By: Dajasia Brown Edgecomb Elementry/midd ( Full Answer )

What use do wasps have?

Almost every pest insect species has at least one wasp species that preys upon it or parasitizes it, making wasps critically important in natural control of their numbers, or natural biocontrol.

Why do you have wasps?

Wasps kill an enormous amount of insects like flies, cockroachesand aphids. They eat a lot of caterpillars and small white larvaethat feed on vegetables. They maybe harmful sometimes but generallyare useful insects.

Read RFC 959 FOR FTP.what is the client command that are supported by the RFC?

FTP Client Commands \nABOR\nTerminates previous command.\n\nACCT\nSpecifies account (ignored).\n\nALLO\nAllocates storage (vacuously).\n\nAPPE\nAppends to a file.\n\nCDUP\nChanges to the parent directory of the current working\ndirectory.\n\nCWD\nChanges working directory.\n\nDELE\nDeletes a fil ( Full Answer )

What is an RFC?

An RFC is a Request For Comment, for the discussion and development of new protocols and techniques for use on the Internet. It is run by the IETF. I have included a link to learn more about RFC in related links.

What is a WASP?

In the Uraban Dictionary it stands for white anglo-saxon protestant. an insect that helps in growing crops by killing bugs that can be harmful to plants

What eats wasp?

I once saw a wasp get trapped in a spiders web in my bedroom, the spider promptly wrapped-up the wasp and spent the next two weeks consuming it.

What is a gall wasp?

A wasp that lays its eggs in the stems of plants. A plant with such an egg in it grows a greatly swollen tumor call a gall.

What color is a wasp?

Yellow and black. Generally regarded as being in alternating verticle stripes down its body. normally black and yellow

What can I do for a wasp bite?

Wasp don't bite, they sting. Most of the time it's just painful and putting ice on the area will keep it from swelling and stinging too much. If your allergic, you may need to seek medical attention. If it swells a lot or if you have any difficulty breathing, get help.. I received a sting from a wa ( Full Answer )

What is RFC 2616?

rfc is request for comment . it is used for discussion and development of new protocol and technique for use on the internet.

How does wasp spray kill wasp?

Pyrethrins affect the nervous system of insects by causing multiple action potentials in the nerve cells by delaying the closing of an ion channel. Or a fancy way of saying seizure. Pyrethrins and pyrethroids act as contact poisons, affecting the insect's nervous system. Which is why they ar ( Full Answer )

Are wood wasps wasps?

yes they are. They are called wood wasps because they like to hang around wood or timber.

Is the honey wasp a species of wasp?

Not specifically. There is a Mexican Honey Wasp ( Brachygastra mellifica ), one of 12 species of Brachygastra , which are wasps that produce honey. The honey is harvested and eaten in Mexico and Brazil.

Is a wood wasp a spiece of wasp?

Yes, but not the type that sting people or animals. Because the female has a long ovipositor at its rear that looks like a stinger, it is mistaken as such. This "stinger" is used only to lay eggs in conifers (such as pine trees) and never for injuring other animals or people.

What is an RFC Name?

RFC stands for Request for Comments. The name is such because when the Internet was being created, someone would write a paper with an idea for a function and wait for others to comment on it. The name exists to the day. Jon Postel was the first RFC editor he gathered the submissions and publi ( Full Answer )

Who is WASP?

W.A.S.P. stands for White Anglo-Saxon Protestants. They are a rock band created in 1982 who were a part of the hair metal setting of the 80s. Their most recent release is Babylon in 2009.

Why are RFCs necessary?

An RFC is a referral for comment. They are commonly used to define new, updated and existing internet protocols because they are constantly evolving. However, not all are technical, some are purely informational while others are humorous. They primarily allow the network working group to keep track ( Full Answer )

What is RFC 1918?

\nRFC 1918 is Address Allocation for Private Internets\nThe Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) has reserved the\nfollowing three blocks of the IP address space for private internets:\n\n10.0.0.0 - (10/8 prefix)\n172.16.0.0 - (172.16/12 prefix)\ ( Full Answer )

What is the latin name for a wasp?

Latin for wasp is vespa. If you are looking for the taxonomy, it depends on the type of wasp -- and there are a lot of them. However, they are all in the order Hymenoptera. The social wasps are in the family Vespidae; ichneumon wasps are in the family Ichneumonidae; chalcid wasps are in the fami ( Full Answer )

How does wasp spray kill wasps?

It depends on the wasp spray. A lot of them are organophosphates, which tend to be acetylcholinesterase inhibitors. Acetylcholinesterase inhibitors work by "latching" on to acetylcholinesterase and rendering it unable to perform its normal function of combining with acytocholine (the chemical that ( Full Answer )

Why are wasps called wasps?

People gave animals their names many thousands of years ago, and names may change as languages change -- and animals have different names in different languages. The reason the insect we call a wasp was given that name was lost a long time ago.

What is the name of a baby wasp?

Wasps and bees are born fully grown and therefore don't have a baby name. They hatch out of a cell and when they are in the cell they are known as larvae or pupa.

What is use of RFC in Hartley oscillator?

it is a radio frequency choke which connects the dc supply to the circuit but isolate the dc supply from the high frequency oscillations generated in the feedback circuit

What is the analogy for wasp?

I believe you mean "Acronym" - WASP stands for White Anglo Saxon Protestant. " White Anglo-Saxon Protestant , commonly abbreviated to the acronym WASP , is a sociological and cultural ethnonym that originated in the United States and Canada. The term originated in reference to white North Am ( Full Answer )

Do wasps have an airfoil?

Yes, but it is constantly changing. When insects fly, they have the ability to twist and angle their wings. So the 2-dimensional airfoils along the wings will change depending on the wasp's current maneuver.

How do you not get stung by a wasp?

well if you see a wasp try and wait until it leaves or leave it alone, but don't wave your hand in front of it.

What was RFC during Great Depression?

The RFC (Reconstruction Finance Corporation) was established by Congress in 1932. It was Hoover's desire to have the RFC lend money to banks, railroads, and other key economic institutions to make sure these institutions would remain in business. The idea was to help these businesses that had a shor ( Full Answer )

Is a wasp an invertabrte?

A vertebrate is an animal with a backbone and an invertebrate is an animal without a backbone. Insects don't have backbones. Therefor, wasps, which are insects, are invertebrates.

What is the name of the fobier of bees and wasps?

The phobia of wasps is spheksophobia. At the age of 50 I was stung for the first time last night; It throbbed like a badly infected cut for about two minutes then it was all over apart from a bit of an itch. I'm beginning to think it must be worse than this or perhaps........ it was warning bite and ( Full Answer )

Do wasps wee?

Of course they do! Everything has to wee! Even something as small as a wasp has to!

What is the scientific name for the tarantula hawk wasp?

'Pepsis formosa' is the scientific, Latin or binomial name for the tarantula hawk wasp. The common name refers to the female's successful preying on far larger tarantula spiders. Specifically, the mother-to-be delivers a paralyzing sting near the spider's head. She then pulls the hapless, helpless ( Full Answer )

What is an fact about a wasp?

Some can lay eggs in their host which eats them alive from the inside out. An example is the Pepsis wasp which lays it's eggs in tarantulas. Another is the Ichneumon wasp which lays it's eggs on caterpillars. And there's a lot more out there.

What is the location of a wasp?

hacker wasp or Lisbeth Salander is a fictional character created by Swedish author and journalist Stieg Larsson. In the trilogy, Salander has the name "V.Kulla" displayed on the door of her apartment on the Svartensgatan in Stockholm, Sweden.

What is the scientific name of a brown wasp?

There is no species commonly called "Brown Wasp." Wasps of the subfamily Polistinae make a papery, brown nest, and I suppose this could be what you're referring to, but in any case, the question would be easier to answer with a little more information.

Which RFC covers inter-domain routing?

There are several RFCs that discuss classless inter-domain-routing. I believe the most informative for a novice would be RFC 4632 which obsoletes RFC 1519. This RFC is aimed at the IPv4 32 bit addressing scheme. Discusses IPv4 address exhaustion. This was the primary reason for CIDR or VLSM (Variabl ( Full Answer )

Who are the welsh charitables rfc?

The Welsh Charitables RFC are a rugby side that "Support Charities Through The Medium Of Rugby" By holding charity fund raising dinners and play a number of charity rugby games. They also have an U19 Development Team.

What is an RFC in computer engineering?

RFC is an acronym from "Request For Comments". RFC is a document describing the specifications of an recommended technology. Despite the word "request" being in the name, an RFC document becomes a standard if it's ratified.

What do RFC 349 and RFC 1700 have in common?

Both RFC 349 and RFC 1700 have an Assignment number and both have wide standard functions. They also offer applications that offer link, socket, port, and protocol.