How did Woodstock effect history?

Woodstock in 1969 was an event to promote music and show the world how empowering togetherness in the light of music can be. The most personal story I can share is about the clown, Wavey Gravy. This is how granola began, here at this show, that endured rain, mud, and hunger.... Wavey went around to the local farmers to gather grains and oats (as I have been told) and volia granola. He help people get fed when they were hungry. He now runs a circus camp in Laytonvill California for Children. The 1994 concert which I was old enough to attend, was then called Mudd Fest when Green Day landed on stage and the mud started slinging. Ha! There was no rain at this amazing event, the mud came from the toilets and some misters randomly placed about the venue, but mostly the toilets.... yes entirely gross. We wore bags on our feet when the facilities were unavoidable, otherwise, peeing in bottles.... it's alot easier than you might think. This event to was to bring people in peace and joy through music and it worked. However commercalised ones who did not attend and would say it was not the same... again, were not there. People on life support showed up just to be in the energy. The drugs could not get you higher than the event itself. Soul love everywhere.
woodstalk was scedueled aug.15-aug.17 but went to the 18

what it was is a hippie music consert that the hippies were focused on there

drugs. there was thousands of people there. the hippies produced more trash in three days then it would to pick up in a year! now with there trash they made a peace sign.

they were scarce on food but they got there food and water.jimmi hindrix and the bettles were there.but it rained and they were going to call it off ,but it stoped and woodstalk was on.

and it was a break for the hippies to get away from cops and San Fransisco