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How did World War 1 affect the Ottoman Empire?


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World War I served as the death blow for the Ottomans, resulting in the end of the empire and the successful revolt of the Young Turks.

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World War I ended the Ottoman Empire. After the Treaty of Versailles, the Ottoman Sultanate was disbanded and the Young Turks took power in Ankara.

The Ottoman Empire could not survive World War 2 so it killed itself. asapex

The Ottoman Empire was dismantled after the First World War, it was subsequently known as Turkey. Therefore, no, it was known as Turkey during the Second World War.

The capital city of the Ottoman Empire during the First World War was Constantinople.

The Ottoman Empire was one of the Central Powers.

The Ottoman Empire was allied with Germany in WW1.

The Ottoman Empire joined forces with the AlliedCentralAxisEntente powers during World War I.

The new territory of the Ottoman Empire was essentially just the country of Turkey. The Ottoman Empire fell after the end of World War I.

Ottoman entry into the World War 1 happened in October 28 1914.

Nope, he founded the Ottoman Empire HE WAS BORN IN 1258 - 1326 AND WORLD WAR 1 WAS IN THE 19TH CENTURY

Yes, the Ottoman Empire signed a secret agreement with Germany during World War I.

The fall of the ottoman empire

The Ottoman Empire wanted to go to war because the Allies wanted to go to war with Germany and the Ottoman Empire is supposed to help out Germany when they are in war or need some help. The Ottoman Empire has gone to war numerous times and each time for a different set of reasons. The above is only applicable to World War 1.

Ottoman Empire joined World War 1 so as to join forces with the Germany. The other reason was the friction with the friction with Turkey.

The Ottoman Empire was allied to the Central Powers during WW I, which is why there is no longer an Ottoman Empire. It does not pay to be on the losing side.

The Ottoman Empire hasn't existed since the end of World War I.

The turkish empire. it lasted until the world war one

The Turks, from the Ottoman empire.

Turkey was originally the ottoman empire. The ottoman empire did fight in the world and was definitely a central power.

The decline of the Ottoman Empire in the decades before World War I left a power vacuum. The European countries made secret alliances about how to take control of the former Ottoman lands, eventually leading to the war.

Germany, the ottoman empire, and Austria

Germany during world war 1

The Austria-Hungary Empire, the Ottoman Empire and Germany.

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