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The war broadened job opportunities for women.

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Q: How did World War 1 change the lives of American women?
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How did World War I change the lives of American women?


How did world war 1 change the lives if American women?

The women would put their life and risk to never see their family again on the line

Which is a big change world war ii made in the lives of American women?

More married women than ever before entered the paid workforce.

How did world war 1 change the lived of American women?

The war broadened job opportunities for women.

What is a big change world war 2 made in the lives of American women?

Many American women worked outside the home for the first time. Women performed many jobs that had previously only been performed by men, including work in factories, driving, and serving in non-combat roles in the military.

How did World War 2 change the lives of Australian women?

More married women than ever before entered the paid workforce.

What was life like for American women working during World War 1?

Women had hard lives. They ran the family, made the clothes, and cooked the meals.

How did mill towns change the lives of women in the 1800s?


How did women lives change in world war 2?

they were more respected, and they got jobs because most of the men were fighting

How did World War 2 change the lives of women in the us?

They did men's work, while the men went off to war.

To what extent did the American Revolution change the status of women?

No Change

What did Bessie Coleman do to change things in the world?

She was the first African American women to become a pilot and to get a pilot license .

How did the 1920s change the lives and expectations of women and African American?

the lives of both women and African Americans were bettered by changes of the 1920s. When women gained the right to vote and sexual attitudes began to change they began to be viewed as more of equals to men. African Americans were viewed in a admiring light after the Harlem Renaissance as jazz swept the nation. The traditional African American music was liked by whites and therefore helped the African American community make its way into the hearts of white Americans.

Which change in American Society occurred during World War 2?

Women replaced men in essential wartime industries.

How did world war 1 impact the lives of women in the united states following world war 1?

Women began playing a large role in the workforce

How did new inventions and activities change the lives of women?

All of the above

Can women change the world?

Why couldn't a women change the world. On average, men are physically dominant to women. But mentally and spiritually they are equal. There is no reason a women supposedly can not change the world, they have almost the exact same abilities as men. If you are a women, and you want to change the world, fight for what you believe in, and you can even achieve more than any of us men has in known history. God bless.

How did women's lives change in the 1920's?

women life change because they were able to vote.

What was the step taken by revolution govt. to improves the lives of women?

If you are asking about the American revolution there was nothing in the constitution that improved the lives of women. Women didn't get the right to vote until 1920 with the 19th amendment.

How did stagflation change American history?

She was a KIND INTELLIGENT women

In 1851 two women joined forces to revolutionize the lives of American women forever Who were they?

Sojourner Truth and Susan B. Anthony

How did the lives of women change during the 1920s?

because they got to work, and do more things

How did the roles of African Americans and women change during the world war 1?

their roles in the war for women was them serving as nurese and the African American men fighting in the war by themselves not with the other men

How did WWI change the world?

by changing peoples points of view by changing the rights of women by making countries how they are now people sacrificing their own lives for us nowadays:')

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