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How did World War 2 affect New Zealand's economy?

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before WWII NZ economy was very weak (an on the verge of bankruptcie) and was suffering inflation, During the war The British went to fight and needed food source, and considering the fact NZ main export was meat and dairy products, NZ farmers made a fortune, and boosted our econmy.

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Is New Zealands economy mainly industrial?

No. New Zealand's economy is mainly agricultural.

Why has New Zealands economy strained?

As the world market prices declined so did the value of exports from New Zealand

What was New Zealand's involvement in World War I?

What was new Zealands invovlement in world war 1

What are two important industries in New Zealands economy?

agriculture and something else I'm trying to find this too

How did new roads and canals affect the economy?

The roads and the canals affect the economy because

New zealands best performance at the world cup?

This year was their best one ever.

What is New Zealands world stage achievements?

There achievements are that they have good sports teams and they are high in migration

What are New Zealands contributions to Australia?

NewZealand has a fair share in many things like tax, and also economy. NewZealand does a fair share in the work

What is new zealands capital?

Wellington, New Zealand.

How did advertising industry affect the role of the US in the World economy?

Advertising convinced consumers that they needed new products.

How did the advertising industry affect the role of the US in the world economy?

.Advertising convinced consumers that they needed new products.

What is New Zealands biggest rock?

New Zealands biggest rock is a beach rock they can be as big as a big big super big mountin

What is New Zealands food like?

You can get all types of food in New Zealand, just like alot of other places in the world.

Who is New Zealands football manager?

Phil Warbrick is the manager of the New Zealand football team! Go New Zealand in the world cup 2010!

Who won New Zealands next top model?

Christobelle Grierson-Ryrie won new zealands next top model!!!! YAY CHRISTOBELLE!!!

What is New Zealands tallest geyser?

Lady Knox in New Zealand

What New Zealands currency called?

The New Zealand dollar, $NZ.

Who was first on New Zealands?

The Maori are the original inhabitants of New Zealand.

What are some of New Zealands biggest production sales?

While New Zealand is moving more and more toward a balanced economy, it still relies on agriculture for most of its export market. Dairy products, meat, wood and wool still lead in its export economy.

Who is New Zealands best soccer player?

Mark Paston or Ryan Nelsen Because of there efforts in the 2010 world cup

What is the name of New Zealands largest Kauri?

Thought to be Tāne Mahuta in New Zealands Northland. It is thought to be 1500-2500 years old and has a 14 meter circumference.

What is new zealands favorite dessert?

The Pavlova-which was first made in New Zealand

What is new Zealands favorite colour?

Probably black (I live in New Zealand)

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