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How did World War 2 affect the lives of women in the US?


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World War 2 affected the lives of women in the US by letting them to work in the factories where the men used to work. Before, they used to not be able to go near them.

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During World War II many women entered the workforce. The end of World War II affected women in the workplace as many of them returned home instead of staying in the workplace.

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Women did not have much affect on the war, but the ones who did worked in factories making the ammunition. Without them there would be nothing for the soldiers to fire in their guns.

because the men had to fight in the war women had to fill in and do their jobs this affected them in a way that they did jobs they had never done before and this then led on to women being thought women were as important to the war effort as men and had been given the right to vote in 1918 i hope this is useful

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