How did World War 2 affect women?

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women had to take men's places in factories and shops. their clothing changed from skirts and dresses to pants and overalls. Many took up jobs that they never knew that they could do.
It affected them by giving them better jobs and more money so they liked it in a way and some of them found mates!
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How did World War 2 affect the everyday lives of single young women in England?

National service for women in the U.K. in WW2 . Childless women, whether single or married, were subject to national service between ages 20 and 30 unless already working in certain key occupations. In other words, they had to contribute to the war effort. This could anything from working in arma ( Full Answer )

How did World War 2 affect women in Europe?

In Europe, married women's husbands had to go off to fight for their countries. As a result, women had to take the man's place on the farm or find a job. The woman was also the only one there was to look after their children if they had any.

What effect did World War 2 have on women?

Answer . After the loss of family, perhaps sons and husbands, to the war,obviously there was a great amount of depression and sadness. Women also took on many male roles during WW2. Such as farming, working in large factorys and in some cases building, to restore damage done by air-raids. Not on ( Full Answer )

How did World War 2 affect the lives of Japanese women?

After the end of WWII, GEN Douglas MacArthur was assigned the mission of over seeing the government of Japan, much like a military governor. One of the new laws that the "military governor" made, was that Japanese women were to be given the same status as American women in the United States.

How did World War 2 affect women and minorities?

Women, besides being placed in more skilled jobs than they were used to in non-war times (and even World War I when they participated as typists, secretaries and even overseas functions like nurses): as mechanics, engeneers, reseachers, eletricians. In 1942 the Women's Army Corps was created, and w ( Full Answer )

How did the end of the World War 2 affect women?

Answer . I have just read a review by Simon Blackburn, in The New Scientist, of the book "The Owl of Minerva: A Memoir" by author Mary Midgley.\n. \n ISBN 0415367883 price £20.00, $35.00\n. \nThis is a link to the new scientist web site: \n. \n ( Full Answer )

Why did women do what they did in World War 2?

Answer A Woman's Gotta do what a Woman's Gotta do \n. \n. \nBecause in the absence of the male bread winner and provider, she has to do what is require of her, and that is care for herself and her family. And doing so she cared and provided for her nation.

How did World War 2 affect Russian women?

Answer . Russian were put into hard labor camps. Women, old men, and children under 12, were put to work. These people made all of the product that the USSR used. Almost 14 million of these people died either by shelling or bombing, or the taking of a city.

How were women affected by World War 2?

Women were affected alot by World War 2 because since men left to go to war women got to take their jobs and show everyone that women are just as capable as men are! But when the men came back from war they all got their jobs back, people were expecting women just to go back home and become a housew ( Full Answer )

What did women do in world war 1 and World War 2?

They saved fat from their lunch and dinner, so the army could make bombs and smoke gas etc. NO! That's actually mean? not funny. Women played a big role in the War. most jobs would get replaced by what the men did. Mostly, there were nurses after the war!

How did World War 1 affect women?

It had a very big impact. they had to do all the work and take of the children. It was very emotional because the women who sent their husbands out to go to war and if they died then they would have tho live with it.

Why did women work in World War 2?

Answer . its because of shortage of labourers who are mainly men but who are at war .to compensate it women started working in factories,industries etc.

Women and World War 2?

With all of the men fighting the war, women basically took over the workforce during World War 2.

Were women in World War 2?

Yes, although women were not allowed to fight. But there were women serving as military nurses, and women pilots who ferried supplies to the troops. Women also were members of auxiliary forces like the WACS (Women's Army Corps), performing clerical and support functions so that the men could be free ( Full Answer )

What jobs did women do in World War 2?

They was nurses and clay holders builders scientists and all other stuff they even wanted 2 build a shack so they build a mine shack and then everyone work there

What affect did World War 2 have on the world?

One of the main events was the Holocaust, in which over 6.2 million Jews were killed and tortured in the Nazis' concentration camps. 'Experiments' (that I won't go into, but be sure that is was terrible) were preformed on them, and only a fraction survived. Another problem was the bombing of Hiros ( Full Answer )

What did women in do in World War 2?

· Mechanics · Engineers · Tank drivers · Building ships · Working in factories - making bombs and aircraft parts · Air raid wardens · Driving fire engines · Plumbers · Ambulance drivers · WRVS volunteers · Nurses · an ( Full Answer )

How did World War 2 affect the social standings of women and their roles in society?

During the war women certainly had the opportunity to work in aresa that they had little access to in peace time. They reached a level of independence that was previously was unheard of. They were victims of prejudice to begin with as many believed that women would not be capable of the work. But if ( Full Answer )

What were womens role in World War 2?

Women fulfilled many roles during World War II. They became thebread winners for their families, they took full time jobs workingin factories and in businesses. In the Soviet Union, women foughtalongside men during the war.

Why were women in World War 2?

Women that were in World War 2 did not fight in the war. The womendid many of the other types of jobs such as being nurses anddriving vehicles.

How did women contribute to World War 2?

Serve they did, American women filled 6.5 million defense jobs. They created the world and mystique of Rosie the Riviter. More then 350 thousamd US women donned t h e Uniform of the US.

What was the role of women in World War 2?

Women usually were in noncombat roles.. Generally women took jobsin factories, offices, and farms where they did the job that menhad done but were now needed as soldiers and sailors. Others werenurses or other non -combat roles such as mechanics, radio andradar operators, and USO entertainers. Some ( Full Answer )

What did women do in World War 2?

Women helped out a lot in World War II. They went from being just housewives to getting jobs as mill workers, ect. Many were nurses and still more were soldiers and spies. Over 500,000 women were in the armed forces. They were/did; in the land army. looked after farm animals ploughed the fei ( Full Answer )

How did US mobilization for World War 2 affect women and minority groups?

Minority groups were affected because they were also required to enlist in the war. Some thought it wasn't their war to fight. Racism increased against them in the army. Women were affected because the Women's Auxilliary Army Corps. They could now join the army. In the army they workedmas nurses, am ( Full Answer )

What did the women do after the World War 2?

In the war the women sacrificed their men and many lost their sons, fathers, brothers, uncles, nephews and cousins. Some lost their daughters, mothers, sisters, aunts, nieces and cousins. But they did find was after the war to succeed and cope. Women worked as nurses, switchboard operators, secre ( Full Answer )

How did the World War 2 affect the position of women?

Women's roles and stature grew in the war years. They learned they could do men's jobs and work. Many women became doctors, lawyers, judges, business owners and college graduates. The widows learned to be breadwinners. The position of women went up but did not reach high enough so the Women's Libera ( Full Answer )

What did women do in world World War 2?

They did most of the jobs that the men who had been called up to serve in the forces used to do. Some women served in uniform in various capacities, including the present Queen who was Princess Elizabeth at the time.

Did women suffer in World War 2?

yes because women nurses were in the war as medical help but sometimes they were threatened by the other team or killed

What was the womens world in World War 2?

The womens' roles in World War 2 were as follows: . Serve as nurses, clerks, radar observers and do other tasks necessary in the Armed Forces. . Serve as Red Cross Workers. . Do support work for the Red Cross and other auxiliary associations. . Work in the war plants making the ships, planes, ( Full Answer )

How did the end of world war 2 affect women in the work offices?

Some lost their jobs because they belonged to men who either had the jobs before or a returning GIs got the jobs (and usually were paid more than the women. . Some kept their office jobs and worked until they had families or for as long as they could . Many learned they liked the worked and became ( Full Answer )

How did women in the US affected by world war 2?

Alot of them lost their husbands and boyfriends as a result of the war, there was the Baby Boom, which was alot of them having kids at the same time, and alot of women had to step up and accept the usual responsibilities that men usually took care of in the homeland.

How did world war 2 affect women African Americans and Asian Americans?

World War 2 effected woman in many ways varying on location such as:. -Women got to work outside the house for the first time. Many women worked in factories to help out in the war effort. . -African American woman helped out in the war effort too, but African Americans were segregated from the Wh ( Full Answer )

How did world war 2 affect many women?

WW2 made many women become indapendent. Actually, During World War Two, the main world powers at the time practiced a total war effort. Because of this, Everyone in a country would be put to work creating resources for the war. Women included. Because of this, women were eventually more equal with ( Full Answer )

What impact did women have in World War 2?

1. women flew planes and became pilots. In ww11 there were 1,900 female pilots that deliverd cargo and flew anti-artilery to places. 2.women had to do the work that the men had to do like work the factories and buisneses. 3. women worked as decoders and nuses in the millitary. They were not aloud ( Full Answer )

What was the importance of women in World War 2?

Very important because without them we wouldnt have won the war. The women took over all the mens jobs and made weapons for the soldiers to use fixed planes for them to fly and they took over all jobs that the men would do

How did women react to the world war 2?

The women from germany reacted excited as germany invaded many countries. poland, and great britain. The women from the contries that were invaded were angry as hitler made all of this possible

What did women built in world war 2?

Women in Britain, Canada and America took over many jobs that men had done. Working in factories, building ships,tanks and aircraft, working on farms, driving ambulances and trucks, and many other jobs where men had joined the military.