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The Global power structure of the World was drastically shifted after the end of World War Two. Before the war, the world power balance was based on the interaction and interplay of multiple power bases that would shift and alter to fit the currant political situation. But after the war the world was split between only two competing power bases, The United States of America and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Before the war the Major Powers of the world were United Kingdom, France Japan and Germany. The Soviet Union was in a period of decline from the paranoid purges of Joseph Stalin. The United States was just recovering from the great depression. The United States was rated as a world military power just behind Romania. The United States and the Soviet Union produced militaries that rivaled the rest of the world. Before the attack on Pearl Harbor, the United States Army was rated 18th in the world with 120 thousand under arms. By the end of the war 16 million men had served in the Military of all branches. The Soviet Union was under equipped and under manned at the time of the Attack by Hitler But afterwards they had a massive army that had faced and defeated 75% of the German army. The German and Japanese armed forces were totally destroyed and the countries civilians demoralized. France and England forces had been bleed white and were a shadow of their former strength and glory. The Survivors of World War Two were split into two camps of the Victors. NATO led by the United States and the Warsaw Pact led by the Soviet Union. The Two sides seemed to be staging for the next conventional war. But both sides had developed Nuclear weapons. Neither side would face the other in open conflict due the fact that a massive nuclear arsenal backed up the common infantryman. The world suffered through a series of bloody side show wars fought by the two side's surrogates. The war was fought over perceived slights and political ambitions that had little to nothing to do with the goals and aims of either side. Both sides would intervene in a conflict just because the other side did nor did not get involved. The whole cold war was over political one-upmanship because the missiles would fly if either side was truly threatened. Both sides worked under the concept of mutually assured destruction, meaning that if any side fired in the other, both sides would be utterly destroyed. The third world suffered under repeated wars because the major powers could not fight directly. The citizens of the major powers were held hostage by their own government to assure the peace. The western power block stated they were fighting for freedom but they supported dictators and tyrants to do so. The Soviet Block stated they were fighting for communist solidarity of the people but enslaved the people the moment they moved in.

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Q: How did World War 2 change the global balance of power?
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