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Poland was actually the first country to get invaded and be under complete Nazi control. In some sense it was actually the second Nazi zone behing Germany of course.

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Q: How did World War 2 effect Poland?
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Who got Poland after World War 2?

After World War 2 Poland became part of the Soviet sphere.

What did Germany want from Poland in World War 2?


Did Poland win World War 2?

Poland was an ally, but came under Communist rule at the end of World War 2.

Why did the invasion of Poland have a significant effect on World War 2?

Answer this question… It caused both Great Britain and France to declare war on Germany

What country was attacked begin world war 2?

Poland was the first country to be attacked during World War 2. In fact, the Germany invasion of Poland was what CAUSED World War 2.

How did Poland get involved in the world war 2?

Poland was invaded by Germany.

How they started the World War 2?

Germany started world war 2 when they invaded poland

Why was World War 2 going on?

The world war 2 is going on in the Poland France and the china

Why was Poland so important to World War 2?

Poland was important to world war II because they had a powerful leader.

How many Jews in Poland after World War II?

300,000 Polish Jews were in Poland at the end of World War 2.

Where did the World War 2 starts?


What war started World War 2?

invasion of poland

Did Poland declare war on Germany in World War 2?


Why did France go into World War 2?

France went into World War 2 because Germeny invaded Poland. Poland was an Allie to France.

What did hitlerdo to World War 2?

Adolf Hitler caused World War 2 when Germany invaded Poland. The British and French allies honored the treaty of Versailles with Poland, and World War 2 began.

Why does World War 2 start?

world war 2 started in poland 1939. germany made a contract, not invading poland. germany broke it, and thus came war.

Did Poland attack first in world war 2?

No, Poland was invaded by Germany.

What country invaded Poland after world war 2?

Germany invaded Poland.

How did Poland enter the world war 2?

Poland was invaded by the German Army.

Was Poland on the German side for World War 2?

Absolutely not. World War 2 started on 1st September 1939 when German troops invaded Poland.

Why was Germany in World War 2?

Because they caused World War 2 when their military invaded Poland.

Why did the World War 2 begin?

World War 2 began when Germany invades Poland in 1939.

Why the World War 2 began?

World war 2 began because Germany invaded Poland

Which battle started in World War 2?

The German Invasion of Poland started World War 2.

When was World War 2 declaired?

world war 2 was declared in 1939 when Germany invaded Poland.