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How did World War 2 end in Europe?


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The Japanese withdrawal from Manchuria enabled the Russians to deploy fresh divisions of crack Siberian troops equiped with T-34 tanks. They were facing the Japanese threat to the eastern front against Germany, and that turned the tide of war in Russia's favor and was the beginning of the end for Germany on the eastern front. The successful landings on D-Day and complete air superiority enjoyed by Britain and America dashed all hopes for the Germans on the western front, and it was really all over when Germany lost the battles of Stalingrad and Kursk in the East, and the Ardennes Offensive or Battle of the Bulge in the west. These last desperate battles were the end for Germany. I have left out the Italian campaign, not because it's less important in terms of ending the war, but more that the above said scenarios to a large part led to an all around collapse of the Axis forces. Here is the bottom line THE WAR ENDED IN EUROPE WHEN THE RUSSIANS TOOK BERLIN, that's the simple answer.

The Germans and Italians lost.
there was no formal name to the treaty.


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world war 2 ended in 2 September 1945.

The holocaust ended with or before the end of World War 2 in Europe.

Once Berlin was captured by the Soviet Union, World War 2 pretty much ended in Europe.

ended in Europe in late April early may 1945 in Europe. world war 2 in Asia ended in august 1945.

They put an end to German nationalist attempts to conquer Europe.

Im Pretty Sure It Was Europe

well Europe had benefited from the war and changed their whole perspective about the other countries.

It mark the half- end to world war 2 cuz they only have one opponent... Japan

War in Europe ended in May '45. War in the Pacific ended in August '45.

8th May 45 in Europe, 15th August 45 World

World war 2 ended in europe when germany signed an unconditional surrender after the USSR defeated Germany in Battle of Berlin and raised the Soviet Flag other the reichstag.

the end of ww2 in Europe was called V.E. Day. Victory in Europe.

The end of world war 2 in Europe was in 1945 when Germany signed an Allied instrument of surrender on 8th May. The war was fully over when Japan surrendered on 15th August 1945.

More or less, it was. End of World War 1, with cutting up of Eastern Europe and the Depression. Pretty much Kicked off World War 2. It is much more involved, but more or less. It is the same war.

Obviously, the Holocaust ended when the war in Europe came to an end. (In those parts of Europe already liberated by the Allies it had ended a little earlier).

VE stood for 'victory in europe' which meant the end of the war in europe.......

The war in Europe ended May 1945. The war in Japan ended September 2, 1945.

The condition was really bad because most of the soldiers were injured and many people in Europe were starving at the end of WW2.

It marked the beginning of the end of the German occupation of Europe.

what is going on in world war II in Europe?

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