How did World War 2 impact history?

That's more of a topic for a book than a brief discussion on this forum. In short, there was quite a bit of attitude change after the Holocaust. The Jews wanted their own sovereign nation and it ended up being Israel when England gave them some unwanted land. Of course THAT causes an impact on history. The Atomic Bomb certainly impacted history. The division of Germany certainly affected history and was viewed as necessary since Germany had made two attempts at ruling Europe in the space of 25 years. The world believed that there was only one way to stop the Germans, and that was "divide and conquer". Russia was quite concerned with Germany's attempts to take over the relatively young communist nation and after the war was convinced that the rest of the world wanted to take over. As such, the paranoia of Russia tended to spill over into the rest of the world, resulting in the seemingly never ending "cold war" that really became entrenched when Russia developed "the bomb". The topic you mentioned is a complex one. There is no simple answer.